Don't you just Love the  AMC

Is anyone else getting as fcuked about as 3AAC at the moment. Twice so far guys have been called fwd and had to come back. Plus the countless delays. Saying goodbye to family and friends 8 times is a bit ridiculous! First its dipolomatic and now crab air wants to fly its own boys out so it cancels an AAC flight and fills it with crabs!! Someone please get a grip! :mad:


Wahey, we're going back to Sth Cerney tomorrow for more fun and games........failing that, we've got to put on our best bib and tucker and fly civvie air from London. Can't wear uniform as it scares the civvies, unless of course you are in the Household Cavalry and are driving a tank into departures.
For those guys who are currently looking forward to their THIRD trip to Sth Cerney, be brave, they've got some new dvd's to watch.
And as for Dave, our cool, calm leader..........could be the first man to get a VC before battle commences. Though those temple veins are becoming a little more prominent.
Be cool fella, we all know its not your fault.  ;D ;D


oh, and somebody tell that Welsh Staffie to stop smoking in the's just not proffesional.
Thank fcuk for civair, at least they have a decent ratiomof birds to blokes pushing the trollies (gay crab fcuk trolly dollies)  ;D ;D

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