Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by FredWest, Dec 2, 2005.

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  1. Just been given a Verbal Warning for telling a Customer's Rep to Fcuk Off last week.

    Fcuking Knob Jockey is an Expeditor for a very well know Oil Company, big yellow signs with red lettering, sh@ll, shall we say.

    I was asked to give him some information, as I was relaying the information, he stopped my dead and called me a BullSh1tter or words to that effect (definately used the word BullSh1t), at which point, I stood up, and rather doing the natural thing and walking round the table and knocking fcuk out of him, I walked to wards the door, at which point he said something else, of which I cannot recall, to which I half turned and said "oh fcuk off".

    Now I should not have retaliated, just walked out and informed the powers that be as to what he said, but there you go, it was out, I certaily couldn't put it back.

    About 10 minutes later, I was asked, nay, ordered to apologise to him, as to which I asked if he was willing to withdraw his remark, obviously he wasn't so I politely refused to apologise.

    Gets into work Monday morning, called into the HR Manager's Office, oh by the way, we're going to discipline you for using offensive language to a customer, anything you want to say?, yeah, I was provoked, I defended myself, and I would do it again (defend myself that is).

    Was expecting a written warning or simthing similar, but all I got was the Verbal, the only question I asked was "are we going to complain to his employer about the way he spoke to me during the meeting", you can guess what the answer was, so I then asked if it was acceptable, him calling into question my integrity, and they said yes. Part of the Disciplinary is for me to write a grovelling letter of apology to him "sorry sir, didn't mean it sir" etc, to which I have also refused, so now I've got to go on an Anger Management Course. It didn't help that I burst out laughing when she said that, all I could think of was Jack Nicholson.

    Am I wrong?
  2. Too f*cking right you weren't. Good drills all round man.
  3. Too right! Don't take no guff!
  4. There is one bonus, I don't have to sit and look at his fcuking grid anymore, he won't deal with me. The nasty Ex-Squaddie scared him. I'm now banned from leaving my desk when he's in the Building.
  5. You should have told your employer where to go as well, then got a box and packed up your desk...
  6. Have a shit in one of the tossers draws.
  7. Unfortunately I need the cash, although I do have something else in the Pipeline, so like a good little boy, I'm gonna just sit here and smile like a good house trained puppy, then turn on the fcukers as soon as I leave.
  8. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    Get the message to him that he must report to your desk when he arrives and before he leaves.
    How else are you gong to know when this fcukwit is around ?
  9. Just go for the toilet break when he's around. I was told that today I had to be at my desk from 10 to 1, my lunch doesn't finish until 1pm, I don't usually go out, but I did today, came back at 5 to 1, to see him pulling into the car park, 15 minutes later, the guys he came to see went to meet him, he was sat in his car wating for 1pm to come and go.
  10. Let the feckers tyres down. When he's not looking of course.
  11. Nah You failed my son... I'm afraid to say it but:

    You should have flew across the desk and leathered him with a full pack of printer paper. Then proceeded to fill in everybody else in the office. Then and only then would you have total respect. Upon leaving you should have spilt petrol (prefarably Asda's own as its cheaper) all over the office then sparked up a fag and said "Hey punks, did you ever hear that smoking can be hazardous to those around you" flicked it jumped on a harley and watched the blast go off in your rear view mirror as you jump out of the window on it. Grab on to a helecopter and flew off with Highway to hell playing in the background.

    Or something similar.
  12. Are you on this planet?
  13. brake fluid over his motor, always a winner 8) :lol:
  14. I'm dead lucky with my employers - I put a bloke on the ground a few months ago for threatening me with a stick. he complained to my boss, told him I would be getting lawyers' letter, hearing from the police etc. My boss used very polite Civil Service language to tell him to Fkuc Right Off, and Stay There. Top.

    Previous boss in the same organisation would have been like a rabbit in headlights, no way would i not have been through the full disciplinary including suspension. Luck of the draw.

    I think FredWest behaved admirably. There's far too much poncing about re. bad language and robust interpersonal relationships in CivvieStrase. I blame the decline of lunchtime drinking, it was a man's world when everyone had 2 or 3 at midday. :)
  15. you should hav played the "my human rights have been violated card" how can he call you names and nothing be done to him, he should not be allowed back int he building due to the trauma of you having been disciplined. then you could have the next 2 years off with stress before the tribunual for constructive dismissal.Oh wait your an ex -squaddies so you will just whinge and get on with it..good drills