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Woman Shoots Intruder, And It's Recorded On 911 Call
Created: 1/11/2008 1:24:05 PM
Last updated: 1/11/2008 2:09:34 PM

HAMMOND, IN -- An Indiana woman shoots and kills an intruder breaking into her home, and it's all caught on tape by the 911 call she was making at the time.

It turns out the man had been stalking her and she bought the gun for protection.

The woman, who lives in a townhouse, had been complaining about her former boyfriend for months.

She had filed repeated complaints, said he slashed her tires and engaged in a confrontation at a Legion Hall.

She said that he warned her it wasn't not over yet.

November 12th, the woman called Hammond police saying he was in her yard trying to get in.

CALLER: "I've been having a lot of problems with him... Please."
DISPATCHER: "Ok, they're on their way...Did he come in a car?"
CALLER: "I don't know... He's trying to get in my back door."

As the call continues, the woman pleads with police to hurry as a Hammond dispatcher stays on the line assuring her that officers are on their way.

DISPATCHER: "OK, Can you get to a room with a lock on it?"
CALLER: "Yes I can."
DISPATCHER: "OK, I'm going to tell you when it's okay to come out, okay?"

The woman takes refuge in an upstairs bedroom, then eventually in a closet.

CALLER: "He broke through the window again...."
DISPATCHER: "OK, is he in the house?"
CALLER: "Yes, I think he is."

Two minutes into the call she tells them she is armed.

DISPATCHER: "Does he normally carry weapons at all?"
CALLER: "I got one today."
DISPATCHER: "You got one what?"
CALLER: "I got a weapon today."
DISPATCHER: "OK, A gun? You have it... Is it in the room with you?"

The dispatcher informs the arriving officers that the woman is armed; then, about five minutes after the call began, this final exchange:

CALLER: "He's at the door now."
DISPATCHER: "He's turning the door knob.. okay.. Is that him I hear?"
CALLER: "Yeah."
DISPATCHER: "Is there anything you can put.."
CALLER: "What are you doing??? "STOP IT! STOP IT! STOP IT!"..
DISPATCHER: "Okay.. he's in with her!"
CALLER CONTINUES: "STOP IT! STOP IT! STOP IT! STOP IT! Stop it.. (begging) Please stop it..."

The woman then shot the man.

Police said she will not face charges, because she acted in self defense.
CALLER: "I don't know... He's trying to get in my back doors."

And she shot him, callous biatch, bit of overkill when "no thanks" would have done.
rockpile said:
And your point is?
Is this a WAH? .... ok I'll bite...

With the likely response times in the UK all plod could have done to help her would be 'forensics'..... and even then it's more likely the scummy ex would have only got a slapped wrist and legal aid to sue for compo as his human rights had been ignored.

In this country, with the current goverment and a legal system that is so much on the side of the offender and not the victim it's no surprise that some people think the best defence is recommended by Messr's Smith & Wesson and comes complete with a box of 9mm tablets....

We all know Offence is the best Defence and it's better to be a live defendant rather than a dead victim......
Good to see the PSNI are such an improvement over the RUC

Police: We're sorry

[Published: Saturday 12, January 2008 - 09:03]

By Lesley-Anne Henry

The PSNI last night apologised to the Mayor of Antrim after officers took half an hour to respond to a 999 call.

During a face-to-face meeting on Thursday a senior Antrim police officer said 'sorry' to the UUP's Adrian Watson over the terrifying 30-minute wait for help his family endured when an intruder broke into their home on January 3.

A row had erupted after the police disputed the number of emergency calls made by Mr Watson's family.

The PSNI claimed three calls were made - one from Mr Watson's 15-year-old daughter and two from his wife. They also said that the information they receive was of a man lying on the pavement outside the house and not an intruder inside the house.

It was confirmed however that the wrong information was relayed to officers on the ground and that a total of four calls emergency calls were made.

Mr Watson was told that a second emergency phonecall from his daughter, Ashleigh, had not been logged.

Said the Mayor: "They made a complete cock-up of the calls that were made.

"My daughter made the first 999 call at 9.28pm - not as the PSNI have said at 9.33pm.

"Two senior police officers have listened to that call and they agree that she clearly says the intruder was inside the house at the bottom of the stairs. The 999 centre got that wrong."

"The police also cannot explain the situation whereby the information logged at 9.33pm was not acted upon until 9.42pm. They did nothing with it. It sat on a computer in Belfast.

"At 9.44pm my daughter observed a police car going past our house but it had no flashing lights.

"At 9.44pm she made a second 999 call and it was this call that was never logged. In this call she very clearly gives a more detailed account of what was happening."

Mr Watson said he accepted the apology from police but demanded senior officers also intervene in the dispute.

He added: "An apology was given to me by Chief Inspector Paul McCormal and to be fair he didn't have to apologise. He had done nothing wrong and his officers in Antrim did nothing wrong - it was the information they received from the 999 centre which was totally inaccurate.

"My daughter deserves an apology from Assistant Chief Constable Duncan McCausland because the PSNI press office were putting out information that my daughter was inaccurate in account of the whole escapade. The PSNI 999 service made serious mistakes. Lives could have been lost."

Police said an internal investigation was being launched.
My earlier observation was to point out that the subject was nothing new on this side of the Atlantic. As Snapper says, even if Plod had managed to turn up - even in time - it is doubtful if they would have done anything. Nothing new here.

Quite right, it's better to be judged by twelve than carried by six.

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