Once upon a time in many far away lands. There was some very wise men they put their heads together and came up with some basic ground rules for life because they were sick and tired of the fools around them killing each other.

They were smart enough to put all their wisdom into some very good self help manuals. Lets call them Bibles, or Scriptures, etc, etc.
Anyway when they had finished writing these books they selected a brilliant marketing team.

They told their team "right then you lot we want you all to take these books and go out to the people and tell them that this particular book is the best thing known to man. Tell all the fools who kill and maim each other that they must abide by these rules or they will suffer the consequences".

Many years went by and the books did their work, but there was always a group of idiots who twisted the words of wisdom and used their own book as an excuse to carry on killing and maiming other people.

This time they would kill and maim because people were not abiding by the rules of the book so they must be burned at the steak or tortured to death or hung on a cross, etc etc.

The years went by and science progressed to the point where we realised that the world was actually round. Then it progressed some more until we realised that steel could actually float. Then we built the aeroplane and man realised that he could travel at the speed of sound from one nation to another.

Things were looking good. yet man still had to fill his need to kill and maim and destroy his fellow human beings. For a whole host of very genuine reasons(To the killer of course). As science progressed the bombs were invented and they soon became very big and fast and it was then a race to see who could own the 'biggest bombs' and who could kill the 'most people in one go'.

All the time each nation had its own selection of books that could be re-worded by the trouble making few to suit their own needs. "Oh no" they would say, "our book of religion is correct not yours". so they would drop more bombs to reinforce their point. I.E. we kill you all then our book has more credability than yours, because our GOD must have wanted us to win instead".

Yet few people ever questioned the science behind their books from GOD fearing that if they did then their GOD would 'punish them'. Yet foolishly they were still very busy punishing each other.

These foolish men all believed that their actions of murder and destruction were being authorised by their GOD. yet he was the man who gave this world it's air, it's flowers, it's water and all of its beautiful multicoloured children. Would that 'entity of higher wisdom' really want to screw it all up by asking these men to kill each other through his books of wisdom'No he would not'.

I recently heard a leader of a nation say that GOD was guiding him on to make the right choices. you know the choices 'to kill and to maim and to destroy'.
"GOD will judge me" was the message of the hour. yet this GOD he spoke of would surely be pretty pissed at him for screwing up the planet with more death and destruction.

I often hear that messages from GOD lead some so called 'great men' to action killing on a wide scale. Yet science has proved many times that the people who claim to 'hear messages from GOD telling them to kill' are best kept out of society until they reach a more rational state of mind.

Isnt it about time that we accept that our world is a smaller place since the introduction of aeroplanes, trains and cars. Isnt it about time that we all stop blaming GOD for our wish to kill to get our own way. Isnt it about time that this earth of ours was lived upon by the human race and not constantly divided by excuses made by man to kill each other.

We could never use our religion as an excuse for murder in the courts of justice. So isnt it about time that we stopped using religion as an excuse to kill on a global scale. THAT I AM SURE IS WHAT OUR GOD WOULD WANT. :D
What dribble!!

In your website you say you are a decorated SF soldier, decorated with the General Service Medal? I didnt realise that you could use this as post nominals to your name!
wow, Im:

GSM, OSM (SL), ACSM, NATO & numeral, QGJM, Telic, LSGC.

Itll take up a fair bit of room on my cheque book and credit cards though!

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