Dont want a job? Get yourself up the duff!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by crabby, Jul 17, 2006.

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  1. BBC

    Obviously not a plan I can use, but is this something to be discouraged? It sounds really stupid, but surely their kids will have a better life born into a family (or mother at least), that wants them and wants to look after them and as the report said "as teenagers had wanted to compensate for their own bad experiences as childhood. Although doing that off state benefits (in areas of social deprivation) isn't exactly desirable... Opinions?
  2. Get married, have a stable income first. Might well take a few years to obtain that, which isn't a bad thing.
  3. Bouillabaisse

    Bouillabaisse LE Book Reviewer

    The question should be asked if this was a viable career choice for their mothers 16-20 years ago, in which case it demonstrates that its not a viable option to create a "loving home." If they've not got that from their mother what makes them capable of giving the same to their own child.

    And how much is the statement "you'd make a great mum" a euphemism for "you're effing useless at anything else?"
  4. So in areas of social deprivation where children have had bad experiences through childhood they expect to be able to compensate for that by having their own kids at an early age!

    What a complete load of balls! Their bad experiences were probably caused by being born into a low income family which was breaking down or already broken down when they were born. How can they do better than that when they get themselves up the duff, expecting a council flat and benefits. They have no long term plan for income and the chances of a teenage lad hanging around to be the "father figure" is probably limited to sharing their action men or teaching the kid how to play Grand Theft Auto. Instead they could stop moaning about their own circumstances and work hard at school, get a job comensurate with their ability, find a good man, get married (I know it's a dirty word but it's the best option), own/rent a house, ensure they have a stable environment to bring children up in, plan to have a child, have child, get on with life having made sensible provisions and considered all of the pro's and con's - something I struggle to believe a teenage girl (or boy) are capable of doing!
  5. Or have baby, Get free housing, Income support and Child benifit for doing nothing?

    Case in the paper of un-married couple with 9 kids getting £38,000 a year in total benifits! Then not bothering to hand over £120 per week housing benifit to landlord. Are they evicted? NO

    Another case of couple with 10 kids in 2 council houses knocked together on £32,000 a year who never cleaned the house - Council ended up doing it for them!

    How much would you or I have to earn before Tax & Insurance to get that kind of money? About £55,000 I would think...
  6. I reckon you would have lost them at the first sentence :lol:
  7. If they bothered to learn to read, instead of trying to justify being a teenage tart by calling it a viable career choice then they might be able to grasp the point! :D
  8. I'm a man and as such can't get pregnant and don't have access to this 'career path'.

    Who do I have to scream 'Human rights!' at, to get this changed? :roll:
  9. I recall asking a young Geordie girl in Bosnia during the 90's why she had joined. Her reply was 'It was either this or get pregnant'
    Some youngsters just can't see a way out of their current situation.

  10. Yeah but no but........
  11. Don't want a job?

    Get yourself up the duff!

    Or join the Civil Service!

    :lol: :lol:
  12. Good article; very bleak. I live on the edge of an 'area of social deprivation' and the amount of teen mums is horrifying. They're brought up to believe that having a kid is the best thing as they will get benefits & house - who needs education or a job when you can get rid by a local 'hood & have a baby? When you have grannies in their 30's, you know it's a perpetual cycle.
  13. And the cycle continues............
  14. Ah the pot noodle family

    Just add Matelot/Pongo/Crab wage packet!
  15. Just get yourself around quite a few parts of Tyneside and you'll see loads of them. All pushing prams, smerkin' tabs and looking forward to thier next unprotected sexual encounter with a close relative who is also thier 'benefits' advisor.