Don't They Anyway?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Rocketeer, Apr 27, 2013.

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  1. Most of the Far Eastern surgeries are centered around the eyes. They like removing the double fold on the eye lids and opening them up to make them look more Western.
  2. Kick yourself to death.
  3. Asian men taste lovely but don't rim them after they've munched loads of chilli's
  4. I'm glad they all look the same, because they are all fit.

    My perfect weekend in would start with that lot knocking on my door saying 'Haply Blirfday' and end with my dehydrated body rolling weakly over their semen-covered bodies.
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  5. So your weekend would last all of 3 minutes then.....

    All socialists are cunts : )
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  6. Yep, but what a 3 minutes it would be.
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  7. Is this true?

    What about the tear ducts? Are these altered? Some western women have very large tear ducts. Really large. Massive.
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  8. Western women rely on the bile duct to create angry tears. It's a bigger gland, and stinks of life-failure.
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  9. Whooooosh... :)
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  10. All the better to weep vicarious tears of grief on public transport
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  11. Huzzah! More than one gets my (obviously far too subtle) drift. :)
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  12. Subtle?? REME???? Do me a favour lol
  13. Subtle, as in 10lb-Sledge-will-sort-it type of subtle.