Dont tell me who I cant jail!!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Mad_Moriarty, Jan 30, 2007.

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  1. A top Hampshire Judge has rebelled against a Government plea to jail only the country's most serious criminals.

    Judge Jeremy-Burford QC said his court at Southampton would ignore guidence from John Reid and stated the following :

    " The legal and constitutional position is clear. A Judge must apply the law, wheather common law, or enacted by Parliament, or as laid down by the superior courts. Judicial independence requires a judge not to be swayed by the Government or a Government minister to influence a judicial decision, whatever the motive.

    Sentencing is a judicial descision. The communication to judges dated January 23, 2007 from the Home Secretary, the Secretary of State for Constitutional Affairs and the Attorney General was improper and should never have been sent. This court will have no regard to it."

    Well done Judge Burford.
  2. Let us hope that the same reasoned arguement holds true when Blair is in front of a judge.
  3. Yes, very well said Judge. It's obvious really. That's Same Old/New Labour for you, medling in every aspect of our lives for their own quick fix gains. Why doesn't Blair, Brown, Reid and all the other Labour cnuts just pack their bags and fcuk off out of the country and never come back. No tears would be lost over them.
  4. Do You have a link please Moriarty
  5. Fugly

    Fugly LE DirtyBAT

    Do you have a special button that asks that?

    50% of your posts are you asking for links.

    The rest are Liarbour supporting shit.
  6. So thats what Judge John Deed was based on!
  7. This Judge has obviously read Cuddles' 'Civil Disobedience' thread.
  8. Link please Moriarty.

    Fugly, in this forum, we always request links :)
  9. Happy to have an independent judiciary free from political interference. I promise not to complain the next time I read about some scrote beating old disabled soldier to within an inch of his life and then getting only 50 hours community service. Be careful what you ask for, the results may not always be what you want.
  10. It was in the Southampton Daily Echo. The link KGB_Resident has given has no connection to this?. That is something completly different that happned locally in July of last year!.
  11. We're all chain making crazy in's a hoot!