Dont teach children patriotism say teachers...

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by trackbasher, Feb 1, 2008.

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  1. This "top school official" can fcuk right off, being British is the only thing that is keeping ( i hope) alot of people staying on this squaller of an island.
    I also see he doesnt mention that history of other "evil unmoral" countries is taught at a younger age than actual British history and you have to do that whereas British history is not compulsory.
  2. No biggie.
    Kids seem to learn feck all at school these days anyway. They are more likely to learn about patriotism from thier parents or other influences away from the classroom.
    I dont recall learning my patriotism from the sandal wearing, lentil munching buffoons posing as teachers at my school.
  3. I could not even be bothered to read the "whys" all the way through, my mind started wandering to thoughts of firing squads, bourgeoisie intellectuals and Stalin methods might be right for some people.
  4. I think the problem is that a lot of teachers haven't achieved anything in life outside of government sponsored teaching. They generally have a very small viewpoint of Britain, having gone from school to university back to school. Few seem happy, believing themselves hard done by the government.

    We need to encourage more people to back into education at a later stage in life. With a better mix of successful people, businessmen, military, etc, you might find a different perspective put on British values.
  5. OK, Great Britain has a bit of a non-pc past, so what! ~Who said life was fair? You have to be brutal to ensure your country survives, that why the Republic of Peace Loving Tofu Munching Pacifists no longer exists.
  6. How the fcuk can you teach history about Britain and not mention the achievements that Britain has contributed to the world without installing a bit of patriotism. It's pride in your nationality. The home nations need it or all identity will be lost, and sadly there will be no point in "Great" Britain at all. I live in the Fatherland and my son is half German. He insists he is 100% English (not my doing by the way) and wants to go into one of her Majesty's armed services when he's old enough. His hero is Nelson and he learned about him in a German school. I am so glad he ain't being eduacted in the UK. I truly hope this kind of buls**t doesn't spread into SCE schools.
  7. You obviously know some very different teachers to the ones I know. Very few of them are the myopic, lental munching, moaning lefty morons you lot seem to paint them as. There may be some like that, but they are hardly the majority.

    How would you suggest the Govenment get the folk you suggest back in to education? Bareing in mind that you very likely think teachers are over paid, pampered morons anyway.

    "Sorry Mr Businessman, please leave you £250,000 a year job and work for peanuts in some underfunded in-city hell-hole New Tech collage for £15,000 a year. By the way as I believe it would be a waste of money to train you, you'll have to cuff it."

    Hardly going to get them beating a path to your door are they.

    Befor we spend money teaching Patriotism the whole education sector needs to be looked at. Less exam based and more about teaching kids the real skills they need to get on. The current govenment is so obessed with numbers and league tables that everything is suffering. Would you rather the learn patriotism, or learn how to spell and add up?
  8. This country is being eaten alive from within.
  9. Have to agree with whyowhy on this. As a member of the local parent teachers association I am continually appalled at the lack of world knowledge most of our teachers show. Most are insular, arrogant and show a complete lack of understanding of life outside school. When it is found that they are not up to the job (another teachers words I may add) it is almost impossible to remove them from post. We have tried for five years to remove a female teacher who, by both the head and the HMI's admission is a very poor teacher. She went to the Unions, they backed her so now every single child that she teaches suffers.

    It is my belief that before becoming a teacher all prospective teachers should work outwith the educational sphere to get a more rounded understanding of the country.

    Standing by for incoming!
  10. Obviously this "leading educational body" feels that we cannot rely on teachers to distinguish right from wrong for the benefit of their pupils when teaching history. If that is the case, then there is something much more awry with modern teaching than simple PC bolleaux.
  11. Not to big a leap to make is it? Some poeple have a urge to teach, and want to get in to the profession quickly. Should they be made to work at M&S for ten years first? What should prospective teachers be made to do, for how long? What makes you think teachers never read a paper or watch the news? What do you consider to be a more rounded understanding of the country, traveling all over it and talking to different people, working in MacyD's, sitting in some sad little office in Slough for a year?

    Try teaching a class of 14 year old little bastards phyisics when their role models, media and folks constently tell them that school is not important and you can be rich and famous singing on some telly show.

    Maybe prospective parents should be made to work in a school for a year so they have a working knowledge of the education system before they harange teachers and demand sweeping changes to the school system.

    Edited for my dyslexic mongtype

  12. Agree with the bit about less bullsh1t and more teaching - of which British history is an important part. :twisted:

    Look up Homonyms: baring - OK, bearing -OK, bareing - 0/10 see me later
  13. Obviously generalising earlier, but that was my experience of a comprehensive school.

    I remember the best teacher I had was a retired businessman, who drove a Bentley and did the job because he enjoyed it. He commanded a surprising respect from the 1,500 scrotes like me who knew him.

    You can't and shouldn't try to pay matching wages, but that's not a motivating factor for everyone. There's a steady stream of officers heading off to schools as a second career, with big pay cuts (some I know not yet pensionable).

    You can make it a more attractive option in other ways - I guess cutting the bullsh-t that seems to go with the job these day or giving teachers a bit more freedom than they seem to have. However it's done, I think diversity in teachers is important and it takes a bit more thought than some cr-p TV adverts to find this.

    There's some 'teach before you join the city' scheme going successfully at the moment. We could really do with something attractive for later in life. Perhaps 'teach before you become an MP'?
  14. Nice opinion poll there 20 schools in London?

    The majority of schools in London probably have only a minority of ethnic British children and teachers.

    Ambiguous times what a crock of crap, a selection of 4 from history, Industrial Revolution - without it the world would not have progressed and we would not be in the position we are today,
    Slave trade - again not a nice subject but we were not the only one, the Dutch had a lot to do with it too,
    Indian Independence - yeah ok we dropped a clanger there but, regardless of how we handed it over it was still a volatile situation,
    Iraq - Who cares we went in help them only history will tell if it was the correct idea.

    Why again is Britain trying to destroy its identity just to keep the tree hugging, prats of this world happy.

    No other country in the world would not promote national pride, except maybe France but who would want to be proud to be French :D