Dont take your photos to Tescos.......

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Storeman Norman, Apr 30, 2006.

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  1. Lots not to do this morning. So whilst idly reading the Torygraph I came acoross this little gem... It would appear that Tescos is now prepared to sit in judgement on the content of any photographs you take to them for processing.

    What is even more disturbing is that the plod are prepared to follow it up. How many times have we heard about members of the public contacting the plod to report theft / assault etc and being ignored because 'they are too busy to attend'?

    Take a photo and you know big brother is watching....
  2. Every little helps

    I don't know why I said that
  3. Have been searching for a reason to ban Mrs Boots from Tesco for ages.

    She's been banned from Sainsbury for years because of their boss's support for Labour.

    The boycott begins. Asda choice from now on (even if they are owned by the Spams).
  4. Gone are the good days of Truprint and the like. Fill up a roll of film with two shots of the missus in the shower, six of the barbeque that got out of hand with a plethora of arrses in shot, some of the kids birthday party and one of Concorde that flew over at 35,000 ft.

    Send them off and get somebody else's photos. Still, his missus looked better in the shower than yours did.
  5. I managed to throw my bike (Motor) down on tesco land, deep gravel where there shouldn't have been.

    F_cked up my bike, leathers and helmet. I hobbled to tesco cursing, bought a disposable camera and took snaps of the gravel, my bike, my leathers etc

    I rather naively and foolishly thought I could pop them in the tesco developing service...........................................................wrong answer lofty

    Decided as I was down 1500 quid to seek compensation, however a sharp eyed tesco photo developer had seen the photos handed em on to management and the gravel disappeared as if by magic, I was then sent a F_CK you big ears letter from Tesco denying any liability

    Still curse em to this day

    I'm sure photo developing staff enhance their sorry existences surreptitiously viewing our lives in phots

  6. Every little helps OR

    Every little shite photo developer helps.

    What a bummer.
  7. Well, easy answer, go digital, cut out the developers entirely, its a bit more expensive to buy a digi cam, but its instant pics and you dont have to pay eight quid a time to get your pics developed!
  8. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    I hope this chap considers sueing Tesco - I'm not a lowyer, but I'm damn certain one of those greedy whores could come up with something...
  9. Wouldn't have a leg to stand on (unintentional)

    Lawyer or not, the evidence is conveniently long gone and try proving it.

    I seem to remember there are no liability signs in the car parks and while they can be challenged it will just be his word against theirs.

    Unless an ambulance chasing law firm knows better of course.
  10. used to work in a photographic store myself. (yes jessops but i moved to a better one sharpish!) anyhow, as most of us probably know copying wedding photos and the like taken by professional photographers is illegal. we always used to get customers coming in and asking for copies. we turned them away sharpish cos the shop is liable for around a 4k fine or so per copy i think. we always turfed them to tesco, who are always happy to do it. why do tesco break the law like that but feel they have to report pictures of a legal sport to the police... there is no fu(king justice!
  11. Digital all the way now,

    this was in the times B.U.T (Before understandable technology)

    I'm not bitter I was forced to go out and purchase a faster better looking beast LOL

    By all means fall off, just don't get stopped by anything too hard
  12. Seems concern is at Tesco for reporting to police and police for investigating. As things are, little option. Once the member of staff complained, employer had little option but to do something. Telling employee to feck off could bounce back so - referred to police. Police have little option - Tesco employee goes running to media who will turn hunter into schoolyard killer. Write it down to the mad world we have invented for ourselves.
  13. It's a shame that they do f*ck all about the race track that their car park in Catterick gets used for. It'll not be long before some f*ck wit squaddie runs someone down. They even stopped using their own CCTV as the Garrison camera on Richmond Road looks into their car park, so local tax payers are paying for Tesco security.
  14. I bet they processed the photos of Prezza and his tart without complaint.
  15. Maybe so, but who the heck would want to see 'em ?... 8O