don't take offensive weapons to war

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OUTBOUND passengers at RAF Brize Norton have been caught attempting to take illegal material – in particular weapons – on board aircraft.
“We have a box of confiscated replica weapons, knuckle-dusters, flails, throwing stars, butterfly knives, nunchucks, and machetes,” said Flt Lt Craig Teasdale, RAF Police. Many were offensive weapons under UK civil law.
His staff advise soldiers to put their favourite (and legal) tool, the Leatherman, and other multi-tools into the baggage hold or hand them in before departure.
I am confused. Last time I checked we are dealers of death and mayhem upon our government's enemies, the government gives us an assault rifles, grenades, bayonets and the Royal Artillery to visit upon those enemies terrible death and destruction BUT should Tommy Atkins decide to take his grandad's bayonet, a set of (really useful) trench knuckle dusters and coche for subduing without killing then customs at Brize is going to take them of him for being a offensive weapons???

Whilst it might not be in my job description to go around hacking and slashing enemies in hand to hand action I cannot help but feel that 'those offensive weapons' are perhaps as useful to soldiers now as they were in the Falklands, WW2 and WW1 etc. How many personal weapons went on GW1? I seem to remember seeing quite a few revolvers being around?

So, a question for our monkey's - what's the deal? And can you justify it?
When i returned from the sand pit, we travelled via spam air. We'd heard all the talk about rigid customs inspections so i didnt bother to obtain any dodgy items. Once in the yank customs area all they did was take a cursory look around our kit then give us a lecture about cuban cigars and how we should own up if we have any. Not quite on topic, but another example of customs stupidity :?
It is a well known fact. The most offensive thing on any Crab Air transport is the load master.
This was discussed recently on another thread. Essentially, the reason is that the RAF are obliged by law to fly IAW the civil aviation rules of the UK, and of the countries they overfy and land.

My vote for the most offensive item allowed on RAF flights goes to those dire cheese pasties which always seem to feature in the in-flight horror box.
Stick it in your bergan an argue with them if its legal in uk you can have it as hold luggage . we got large knives back but not ak bayonets cos they were classed as war trophies


ViroBono said:
the RAF are obliged by law to fly IAW the civil aviation rules of the UK
Pity that they are not obliged to follow commercial passenger and baggage handling practice, and civil aviation staffing levels as well


Coming back from Iraq, the fecking Crab Pol tried to confiscate a little arab coffee making set which some of the Iraqis I worked with had given me as a leaving present (cost about $2 down the market but it's the thought that counts). Weaselly little Crab claimed it was 'plunder' etc etc. It was getting v. heated until an officer turned up and told him to wind his neck in... still it diverted their attention from all the atrocity photos, Kalashnikovs and RPGs I was carrying.
When the problem of RMP confiscating anything they wanted to on Telic first cropped up and complaints were flooding in to the HQ, the CO of the RMP laid the policy down to his boys in no uncertain terms. I know cos I heard him and it was music to my ears.


We found that the best way to stop these little jumped up Hitlers nicking all the guys kit or making up the rules as they go along was to have the RSM and QM looking over their shoulder when they did the 'OP PLUNDER' checks. Not suggesting that they should have turned a blind eye to anyone taking the piss and trying to smuggle an AK, but it was amazing how much less hassle they gave the guys over the odd Saddam bank note etc that were previously being confiscated as war trophies.
ah the RAF, don't you just love em?
on my return from GW1 i was flying crab air and had to carry all my webbing, bergen, and issue tool kit that had made its way to the war by boat in the back of my truck. 8)
the RAF could not get it into their heads that i had to bring my tool kit back with me as after 2 weeks post tour leave i would be expected to be working again (meaning using my tools).
they suggested that as my tools were on the heavy side i had excess bagage and that i could either take my clothing packed in my bergan OR my tool kit :?
so after much fuss they backed down saying that i could be both fully clothed and tooled up when i returned to work, but i could not bring back my issue cutters or knives as sharp objects were not allowed :!:
the fact that my metal tool chest was locked and was going in the hold did not wash and it took my SSgt to finally sort the mess out
its not like i was trying to bring anything back that was not issued to me by the QM so what was their problem :?:

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