Dont sell your medals!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by jack-daniels, Feb 1, 2007.

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  1. Just reading in the soldier mag about a SNCO who's just been bust for flogging a duplicate Telic medal he was sent for £600 on e-bay. He was orgiginally reduced to Pte but it was reviewed on appeal and they bust him to full screw. The MoD said the medal is their property until you leave the services! Blimey, they'll be panicking about a shortage of medals for walts on e-bay now.
  2. Nice people, and not at all ungrateful. Maybe that's their thanks to him for risking life and limb.
  3. That sounds like an excessive punishment.
  4. Perhaps, but the Commanding Officer is responsible to the Army Board to ensure that soldiers are in possession of, and maintain their medals appropriately. Maybe a CO should be charged with negligently performing a duty in that he failed to ensure that his soldiers received their medals... after all it cuts both ways.

    edited to add that medals are not subject to IHT valuations; therefore should a soldier choose to sell his medals then any profit (-i.e., all the money raised through their sale) should be subject to tax IMO.
  5. spike7451

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    Maybe we could start a 'meda for hire' service??I mean you can hire uniforms....
  6. duplicate issued by MoD? fair enough. Replica bought from private company, its up to him.
  7. Better withdraw that pair of lightweight trousers from eBay then!!!
  8. Note to self:

    Dont flog surplus kit on e-bay until after christmas.
  9. soldier magazine said:

    Two years in prison for selling a duplicate medal on Ebay? I don't think so.
  10. its not worth the risk though, as you now know they'll make an example of the next one they catch...

    I can see it now, you'll be having medal parades to see if anybody has got any missing (thats if you've even had them issued yet)...
  11. A great advert for the Medal, the one in the Soldier magazine is Minging, you would have thought they would have taken the time to give it a bit of a clean before the photo was taken.

  12. thats because its been sat on a shelf for so long waiting to be issued...
  13. Doh, how silly of me, they still could have given it a clean though.

  14. seem to recall this wasn't the medal issued in duplicate to an officer KRH and it was a clerk who sold it on? so he was charged for theft