Don't Run, whatever you do. Adventures of a safari guide. Peter Allison.

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4.00 star(s)
The Okavango Delta, Botswana: a lush wetland in the middle of the Kalahari desert. Aged 19, Peter Allison thought he would visit for a short holiday before going home to get a 'proper job'. But Peter fell in love with southern Africa and its wildlife and before long had risen to become a top safari guide.

In Don't Run, Whatever You Do, you'll hear outrageous-but-true tales from the most exciting safaris. You'll find out when an elephant is really going to charge, what different monkey calls mean and what do in a face off with lions. Sometimes the tourists are even wilder than the animals, from the half-naked missing member of the British royal family to the Japanese amateur photographer who ignores all the rules to get the perfect shot.


This is almost safari by Clarkson et al, but somehow gentler. Maybe more May than the others, however it is a very amusing book, with several quite exciting bits. The author clearly has a great love of animals and wildlife as well as a natural ability to tell a tale. His descriptions of the bush and veltd are good enough to make the reader almost smell it and feel the heat.

It's a slim little book but one that I have certainly found enthralling.

4 Zebras out of 5

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