Dont put your daughter in the Army Mrs Worthington

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by OldRedCap, Apr 3, 2007.

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  1. Right – well, that’s it. All you forces chappies will need to find something else to do. Seems the general public as established in a Daily Telegraph YouGov survey reckon that we should scale down our world role so that we end up as guides at the Chelsea Flower Show.
    Funnily enough though, 52% reckon that NS should return. However, when asked if they would allow their children to enlist on a career basis, 69% rejected this for boys and 75% for daughters.
  2. It's long been established that 80% of Telegraph readers are cretins who don't know their own mind from one minute to the next.
  3. They have votes. They can influence what happens.
  4. Steady on...
    This doesn't say a poll of Telegraph readers - this is a sample of the general public.
    Obviously I belong to the other 20%, but what else is there to read?

    Any tabloid = fairy tales +/- tits and arrse
    Times = owned by Rupert Murdoch - I'd rather have electrodes attached to my genitals than put more cash in his pockets.
    The Indie = oh it's 5 minutes later - I've changed my mind.
    Grauniad = I haven't got tw*t written backwards on my forehead.

    now if Private Eye did the news.....

  5. The problem with parents of today they think that their children are not grown up enough to join the British forces. children have more rights than the parents and most of them are wrapped up in cotton wool.

    Yes a lot of parents would want national service brought in to give the children a good start in life and a good education but most parents would prefer senior officers to be responsible for their children duty of care rather then a young officer who they won’t listen to
  6. I have a yougov account and enter barking mad answers :p
  7. That's what makes us so fascinating.
  8. I'd be a lot happier if I could believe this were so. Personally I think the respondents were so much in favour of National Service because they think it would sort the younger generation out, stop 'em sitting around on streetcorners in those horrid hooded sweatshirt things. Give 'em a dose of discipline, what? Respect for their elders, Fawlty, that's what they need.

    Of course the Army isn't for their kids, so few of them vote that way - their kids don't need it and it would just be a waste when they could be doing so much better as a doctor, lawyer or stock broker.
  9. Ah the old National Service chestnut, having been involved in training soldiers who want to be in the Army, how difficult in this fluffy PC world we all live in now, would it be to train 90% of people who do not want to be in the Army? Nostalgia? its not what it used to be!