Dont Primark sell these for £10 ? SAS Close protection

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by plankton, Jan 27, 2009.

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  1. Do Primark do them online... think I will get one with a role of duck tape!
  2. old search kit clothing from province.
  3. What I never understand about these threads is they always say things like "Look at the fake SAS crap, what kind of walty idiot bus this rubbish?". But no-one ever asks the question "why the flying fcuk were you searching for SAS kit on ebay in the first place?"
  4. It's also the second time the OP has posted (ADVERTISED) the Contact Left Ebay shop on here. First off it was a walty CP handbag and now it's a ninja coat....
  5. I think some of these items are quite amusing to look at on the bay. Dont really see that its doing any harm
  6. Is it possible that he typed 'smock' into ebay and it popped up?
  7. Mong double post
  8. £10 is a bit pricey for Primark
  9. who pays for stuff from primark at all?