Don't Panic!

It appears Lance Corporal Jones has joined the bilk of the Walmington On Sea platoon, on parade on the plane ethereal.

Clive Dunn, died today aged 92.
RIP Clive, they don't like it up 'em, you know Sir.
By the time the 10 o'clock News starts some opportunist cock trumpet will have claimed that was a coded reference to what Jack Jones got up to in the back of the van with Pike

L/Cpl Jones was the spitting image of my FiL and had the same mithering manner. Funny on TV. Drives you mad
He served in Greece, got captured and spent the rest of the war as a POW, there he first started acting.

RIP L/cpl Jones,
You were a very funny man and a role model for TA soldiers and ACF instructors all over the country.
They shall not grow old, nor the years contemn....oh wait.

Watch the entire series every 3-4 years, a delight.

Always thought Clive Dunn had a brilliant character, in Jonesy, but should have toned it down just a tad, he would have made the character even better.......

From the Sudan, Boer War [?], WWI & WWII,
thank you for your service L/Cpl. Stand Easy.
Frontline experience like that is invaluable in a platoon.
Captain Mainwaring was fortunate to have him under command.

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