Don't panic ! Whitehall's top troubleshooter has been called in

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by BounceBanana, Mar 29, 2013.

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  1. Tory MP urges caution over universal credit roll out - Telegraph

    Does this mean that my Buy to Let Direct paid benefits rents are safe a while longer then ?

    I have already bought the jiffy envelopes to send the keys back to Building Society when our parasite tenants are migrated to Universal Credit. And they had already sussed to change claimant to leap the queue to get on UC so they can get to nicking the rent money asp.

    They will be so disappointed at the news of a wobble re UC. Does this mean they won't be able to nick the rent money to go on holiday as has been their wont under the Tony Blair LHA system ?
  2. Chicken and garlic bread for lunch.
  3. Was it nice in Ryarsh before 'care in the community?'
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  4. Were you starved of oxygen at birth or perhaps you have an exotic parasite nibbling into your brain stem?
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  5. Is he from Kent?

  6. could be the future that could !
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  7. Reading (or should I say trying to) his post above I doubt he's even from the UK.
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  8. hes been away a bit hasnt he ? not that we missed him !!time to go again !!
  9. It takes a lot of effort to troll with that consistency. Normally the troll and sockpuppets facade slips and they spell something right or have an accidental lapse in lucidity

    Not this bad boy I think its 100% genuine retardo

    As a stream of consciousness fired directly from the damage mind I think there is some scientific psychological value in studying this subject
  10. had my alcohol limit for a Saturday which is admittedly low, I just wish I could have more so I could understand what the f you are writing about?
  11. Take a deep breath and start at the beginning. Try breaking what you're trying to say into chunks.

    1. Explain your situation with regards to the places you rent out
    2. Explain what's happening in the news in terms that everybody will understand
    3. Explain how this affects you
    4. Offer your opinion in a clear, non-ranty way
    5. Ask others for their opinion

    Wouldn't it be nice if other people could take part in the discussion? There's a good chap.
  12. I think I have managed to disentangle the original post:

    1) OP is a landlord who lets his property to benefit claimants

    2) Currently Local Housing Allowance (Housing Benefit) can be paid direct to the Landlord with the Claimant's permission.

    3) Under Universal Credit, all the money goes to the Claimant, once per month, and they are responsible for allocating funding themselves.

    4) OP believes this will mean he won't get his rent and benefit claimants will instead spend all their money on holidays.