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Discussion in 'RLC' started by commodore64, May 17, 2007.

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  1. :D Hi lads,

    A mate of mine back in u.k. has just sent me a message, its an offer that can't be missed.

    FREE boots by LOWA, MAGNUM and a few others, wow, just think how much dough I have just saved, almost £400.00 quid as I ve just signed up for a pair of LOWA mountain boots and a pair of LOWA assualt boots.

    T&C's as far as I can tell arn't much, you must be 18-30 in the forces and live or based in south of england at mo. looks like that may change from info i got, thats if i read it right.

    Anyone interested get in touch, first name, age, footsize and town you live or based required and I will drop it into the e-mail I got and then you can register.

    My mates just got loads of LOWA boots for his mates, worth a go!

    Ryan :)
  2. Yes I'm sure you have now fcuk off you trolling cnut
  3. Hello lads and lassies,

    Just 2 point out that I am fully aware of this promotion as I have had numerous pairs of Lowa boots over a six month period. Right, this is how it works: -

    You exchange boots every 1/4 for new pair of your choice,

    Promotion is sponsoured by manufacturer, and is definately free.

    It is currently open to persons in forces who are aged between 18 - 30 and based in Southern England, although last update I saw they were looking at extending it but nothing confirmed as far as I can see. If you want Lowa, you must already use them.

    Iam based in Andover and a mate of mine works at Lydd, and know about 10 blokes partaking.

    Down fall that you exchange boots, old for new, so have to break them in again, don't bother me cos save me loads of dollar.

    When registered people are picked at random, I has to wait about a month before I out. I think you need a mobile to register, I did and so did my mates.

    Another mate knows a rep, will confirm what process is and post it.

    Commodore64, can you confirm any of above?
  4. Commodore64 & Iminthearmynow - Are you the same person - trying to back a story up by posting under two brand new usernames?
  5. This has got to be the most bizzare thing i have read, its so funny it could have been written by the sun newspaper.
  6. I aint no trolling cnut you cokc suker.

    Not 100% certain actualy as m8 done it for me and can't get hold of him at the moment.

    Maybe as iminthearmynow is partaking on said promotion he could spread more light?
  7. How can you draw such a conclusion? Who on earth would be do stupid as to try such an obvious and troll like trick as that?

    (other than Commadore64/Iminthearmynow)
  8. certainly not loubella, I am only 1 of the 23 new members who have signed up today and decided to respond as I knew abit more than the commodore.
  9. Anyone wanting further info, personal reply me, will give you the reps number!
  10. commodore64 and iminthearmy now

    Foxtrot Oscar!


  11. why not just put the link straight here

    and we can all decide

    if your telling fibs

    or not
  12. I meet fella today, speak engrish just like you write her, sell CDs in B&Q carpark.

    You two pair of cnuts, register same day, are just one big cnut. Go away.
  13. Inthearmynow - glad to hear you save dollar big time. Good hear to JPA (jap?) he dollar compliant.

    Gents & Ladies

    No mention of this on the official website:

    Clearance Room boots and shoes are styles that have been dropped from our current line, due to lack of interest by retailers. These are new boots from previous season, not seconds or irregulars. They fit the same as other LOWA boots and carry the same 12-month warranty. Not all sizes or colors are available.

    Boots are shipped from the LOWA warehouse in Stamford, CT. You may return Clearance Room footwear if they don't fit PROVIDED the boots have not been worn outdoors. Wear them inside your home for a few days to make sure they fit properly before you hit the trails.

    For Return Authorization please contact Customer Service: Shop LOWA at Summit Hut 877-307-7277
  14. This smacks of the old "get 10 mates to sign up etc etc" pyramid selling crud.

    I smell a Walt-Salesman type on the forum.

    (Boot Botherer? Shady Sandal Seller? )