Dont miss out on £6000 - last chance to register for ELCs

Those who missed the deadline for enrolling for Enhanced Learning Credits in April 2004 have been able to put in late applications to join the scheme for the last year or so. Unfortunately it has just been announced that the Army won’t accept any more late applications after 31 Dec 2005, however legitimate your reason is for not having enrolled before. This applies only to those who were eligible to join the scheme originally (having served more than 4 years as at 1 Apr 2004).

If you didn’t join up originally, you need to get into your local AEC and speak to the IERO to get him to support your late application. You will need to have a reason why you didn’t sign up originally when you had the chance ie. back to back Op tours, exchange tours to the Antarctic etc. Not knowing about the scheme is quite difficult to argue as it was advertised on pay statements for a while…

The most common reason for late applications come from those who did fill in the paperwork back in 2004 and only found out they weren’t on the scheme when they tried to claim. There seem to have been a lot of applications that went ‘missing’ somewhere along the line. For that reason, if you think you did join but haven’t seen your confirmation letter, it’s worth calling the agency that run it (ELCAS) on 0845 300 5179 just to check your name is on their list. If it isn’t – get your application in now!

Please pass this message on to as many people as possible because late applications really will stop on 31 Dec 05 and people who miss out will have lost the chance to claim up to £6000 for education courses in the future. M_B
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