dont mess with the zohan

on five now israeli sf operative moves to new york to open an hairdressers shop.
well funny in my opinion. also four lions is a must for download


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Mind you, the one on Avon wasn't bad.
A pokey village with shite roads and a shite little pub if I recall? We buzzed back to Clifton where murder can safely be pinned on a Cloggie architect. In Bradford one may pin a murder on almost any local. And Sheffield is just down the road.


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Absolute shite film.

Perhaps a hilarious idea but executed with stupidity.

Adam Sandler can suck a cock with gangrene.

Duke? You up for that challenge?
Making a movie about pinning a murder on Vincent Tabak? Nah. Been there. Done that. Although if Hollywood is interested I could be a script consultant?
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