dont mess with the zohan

on five now israeli sf operative moves to new york to open an hairdressers shop.
well funny in my opinion. also four lions is a must for download


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10.30 and the pubs in Bradford are chucking out. I bet it's great living in Bradford.


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Mind you, the one on Avon wasn't bad.
A pokey village with shite roads and a shite little pub if I recall? We buzzed back to Clifton where murder can safely be pinned on a Cloggie architect. In Bradford one may pin a murder on almost any local. And Sheffield is just down the road.


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Absolute shite film.

Perhaps a hilarious idea but executed with stupidity.

Adam Sandler can suck a cock with gangrene.

Duke? You up for that challenge?
Making a movie about pinning a murder on Vincent Tabak? Nah. Been there. Done that. Although if Hollywood is interested I could be a script consultant?
Fuck Zohan... I'm watching the directors cut of 'Das Boot' ... without the subtitles. Kin marvellous.
Is that the one where the old lady has so many kids she has to move?

I dont want to spoil the ending but her fanny falls off.
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