Don't mess with the boys from Sky News......

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by bigeye, Jun 11, 2013.

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  1. Covering the G8 protest for Sky - after a long day we ended up outside Charing Cross Police station.
    I d some trouble with a couple of scutters already. We were just at the end of a 'live' when one of the scutters makes a lunge for Mark White - he dealt with the bloke robustly and I, thinking that we were no longer 'on air' followed with the camera...

    'Don't you fucking come near me...' whoops.

    The police, who saw the whole thing, were very sympathetic.
    One of the protesters' legal observers came over and tried to take notes about the incident. Poor lad. He given the facts and sent on his way.

    Shortly afterwards the protesters, who'd until then had been chanting 'Fuck the fascist police' tried to complain to the law about us being rough with them.
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  2. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    Nice to see a human reaction there from the face in front of the camera, I'll buy him a drink . Shame he didn't just spark the dirty unwashed cunt out. (I'd of given him a bottle of single malt to have seen that)
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  3. Funny thing was I bumped into the twat on Charing Cross road a bit later. He was on his own - when he saw me he pulled his coat over his head and ran off.

    Mark scared the crap out of the git: I suspect there maybe an interview without coffee for broadcasting the colourful language though.
  4. top marks
    its about time a few of these scum got a knock back
  5. One of the twats got tripped up by a MET TSG bloke and sent flying head first into the gutter...

    'Did you film that?' says the scutter.
    'yes I did thanks'
    'I want to see it, I was assaulted'
    'Yes you were - serves you right, fuck off'
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  6. I sometimes think that the SWP must be employed by some sinister corporate conspiracy, to discredit their enemies. Then I remember the SWP/black bloc types I have known and remember that they're perfectly capable of discrediting themselves without any sinister paymasters to set them to the task.
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  7. Am I missing something here, some twat from Sky has a little tiff with Swampy and er thats it. Dull as shite.
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  8. Quite a large portion of the group congregating outside Charing Cross Nick were chanting Italian anti-fascist slogans. The scruffy bint who laid into me was Spanish, as was her mate who got an elbow in his eye. The usual suspects were there in masks and hoodies (we'd already filmed them before they donned their disguises of course) and a good 20 percent of the collective haven't a clue what they are protesting about and just go along for a laugh. As I get older these people seem to get younger and weedier.
  9. Yes you are missing something - a sense of humour, you boring cunt.
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  10. Well done Mark, as for Big Eye wouldnt it be funny if the police had got the footage of the protestors before masks, ;-)
    I was outside Parliament the other day the press were doing a interview and this dullard was following behind with a card. Amazed he hasnt been arrested for it.

    That big fluffy microphone you carry, wouldnt it be funny if was a truncheon inside, and it would be muffled if casually dropped on a protestors head.

    Be safe dude,
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  11. Smeaton has made a whole career out of that and is hated at Glasgow Airport now as his involvement was grossly exagerrated, mostly by himself
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  12. That's all very nice...........but you can still shove your overpriced Sky card right up your arse!
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  13. No fan of 2 Jags Prescott,but I always enjoyed that clip of him chinning someone from a few years back.