Don't mention the war!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by SWJ.303, Jan 13, 2012.

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  1. Not in the NAFFI, Not in the NAFFI, Not in the NAFFI, Not in the NAFFI.
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  2. Well they started it by invading Poland! Mr Wendt does look like a super-annuated porn star, bless.
  3. Since when has playing Dads Army, Dam Busters and patriotic music become racist?
  4. Kathyrn looks like a candidate for willing botty bonking.
  5. Childish ****!
  6. That was what I first thought, but after reading the article it seems there have also been allegations of racial insults, Nazi salutes and physical violence.

    It all seems a bit he said she said to me. It doesn't appear that they have any proof that he's done these things and the article makes no reference to other neighbours or witnesses, but that doesn't mean they don't exist.

    IMO it's just another Daily Mail outrage-a-thon.
  7. +1

    Toilet rag that it is.
  8. John-McAleese.jpg article-2086151-0F71B6A100000578-491_468x419.jpg
    By the look of that soup sieve he's the 3rd man on the balcony or at the very least one of THEM! :)
  9. Indeed the air of kiddie fiddler about them both!
  10. Germans eh. No sense of humour!
  11. In her case, more like a kiddy-eater.
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  12. Sorted that for you, edited because of YOUR mong spelling!
  13. Racist? Turning six million people into soap and lamp shades is racist!
  14. Let's not exaggerate. Nary a single bar of soap or lampshade was found. And even if that old lie WAS true, Fritzl there hardly looks old enough to have been able to lend a hand. Looks like a case of 3 ***** who deserve eachother, to me