Dont mention the War(ne)

Shane Warne has announced he will apply for a German Passport (his Mum is a B*xhead) so that he is not Hampshire's overseas player next year. Thank F*ck Germany don't have a Cricket team!
I was trying to think of some sharp witticism, but having sat here like a bunter for the last few minutes, will 'fess up and face the flack.
Tin hat on.
Typical - I knew I should have done my research before posting! :D

craftsmanx. Good spot. I reckon on at least half the team being of similar extraction. I know there is a large expat community of Sri Lankans and Indians in Germany.
Mind you, I don't think England can take the moral high ground, as our team is made up of a wide variety of nationalities.
Ah that great German cricketer JHWNS (Johnny heute will nicht schlagen) von Himmelstorf...I remember his innings in '34 - or was it '35 - for Eleven Gentlemen of Bavaria against the dear old Nazi Party Ramblers...

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