Dont Mean to Diss America, but...

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by Rocketeer, May 5, 2006.

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  1. Given the recent thread of Katrina.. found this ' interesting '.. Chicago Tribune Reports:

    " Despite the intensive media coverage of the damage from hurricane Katrina, nearly one third of young americans recently polled could not locate Louisiana on a map and nearly one half were unable to identify Mississippi . " [ okay, so they were underwater, maybe? ]

    " Americans ages 18 to 24 fared even worse with foreign locations according to a Roper poll conducted for the National Geographic Society. Most respondents were unable to identify Iraq or Afghanistan on maps, despite the fact that they are constantly in the news and American armed forces are fighting wars in both countries. "

    would be interesting to see if Brit Chavs fared any better at identifying where UK soldiers are a control/comparison...
  2. Iraq? Afghanistan? America? Where and what are these places? Sum dissing history teacher mentioned we OWNED deese places like once but then we didn't innit. My bro's don't do the army, we want respec'...

    As you can tell, I'm no chav :?
  3. I can't defend that. All I can say is that the education system here pisses me off and a large part of the blame goes to the lack of funding for it.
  4. Funding is only part of the problem. Alot of teachers are too busy pushing agendas or telling kids how little money they make to actually do their jobs, then pile homework on them and expect them to "figure it out", with little to no instruction. It's a very confusing and mind boggling situation.
  5. No, Crabby, no. That was good. Quite, errr...quite convincing. Yes. *cough*

    It's always fun pointing out that 'innit' is a contraction of is it not and then correcting the language accordingly.

    Well, it is if you're me.
  6. It would also help if the teachers started TEACHING the students, instead of shagging them!
  7. I think you're right to some extent. Standards for teachers and pay in a lot of areas is just garbage, poor pay equals quite a few poor teachers I think. In a lot of schools money gets spent on extra-curricular stuff like sports and so on, at least in one of the two high schools I attended.

    The other was a Catholic high school with only a soccer team and all the rest of the money was invested into labs, books, etc. Standards there were no BS, you were expected to keep your nose clean and to do your work--if you didn't your parents got a call. If it kept up you were expelled in order not to 'infect' other students with your attitude.
  8. Dont think that its an issue exclusive to the US. Some of the Lads I grew up with still have yet to venture beyond the Watford Gap, and know that places like Manchester and Newcastle exist, but they couldnt show you on a map
  9. Teachers start on 19k, that's above the average graduate salary. I'm hoping to get into teaching and I'd be reasonably happy with that (not quite as good as 21k for a year at Sandhurst). Do you base this on your own, current experience of teaching or did it sound good? Are you at school? There's a fine line with homework and coursework - giving children the skills to develop their own work and learning how to deal with questions that will help them in later life, or something they just can't answer.

    Having spent time in schools recently my experience of teaching in this country, and from speaking to those involved and those who have left is that the actual teaching is no problem, but the demands for discipline and support through the school are unreasonable given the restrictions schools are placed under in terms of punishments (staying after school, sending children out etc). These issues detract from the teaching.
  10. BBear

    BBear LE Reviewer

    I was on holiday in Cali quite recently with my family. My 12 year old brother befriended some kids whilst playing golf, and their parents invited us to dinner. During the course of it the kids grilled me on capital cities, countries and where they are on a map (the restuarant had maps of the world as tablecloths). They could name all of N/S American countries, a lot of Asia and most of Europe. Shockingly they didn't know where Russia was or anything between Germany - Korea. A mixed bag really. Still a lot better than my brother could have done.

    So, amazingly, it was 1-0 to the USA there... I got them back at history though :twisted:
  11. Have you seen the World Map according to the Americans?

  12. Heard that report yesterday on the radio. Also stated that about 45 % did not know where New York and Ohio Staes were. That's way too easy to Diss the friends over the southern border, but shows to be problems with the system.