Dont like where you live? Burn your house down.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by therealbigdizzle, Nov 9, 2009.

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  1. yes.

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  2. no. the council's reaction was fine.

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  3. she should be rehomed but as far from her mother as possible.

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  1. Linky

    Oh look, a new one. Scummy council estater wants to live closer to mother (so she can go out on the piss and leave kids with grandma no doubt), so in full knowledge that the council hand out stuff to single mums like it's going out of fashion, she sets fire to her own house.

    So, she gets caught. And the result?

    She lives 2 doors from her mother.

    I like this logic. she burns her house down and lies in attempt to move closer to mum. Police find out and it goes to court. Council act by moving her in 2 doors from her mother. Now what a good message to send out to everyone else!
  2. Easy, gaol her for life take the kids away and have them adopted and never allowed to see her again, plu sbill bint for repairs. Job sorted
  3. Fcuk's sake, at this rate the Outrage Bus won't have any tires left by Christmas! 8O :roll:
  4. Outrage bus has been VOR'd we are on the lightly miffed bus, but due for REME next week.
  5. To be fair it has been getting some stick.......

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  6. it seems this tapas bar lifestyle has taken off:)

    she is probably trying to get closer to the father of her new bump(her dad)if he stuck around,which im sure would have been used as sympathy in the case if he didnt!

    bloody spunk dumps these days!

    oh well she could have just gone out and pissed it up leaving the kids at home! she would have got away with that too, as the girls mother would have been given parental rights over the kids ...

    free run to get fooked up,and tits out !and theres nothing like givin an abortion to a drunk slut with an array of home made tools while she lays flatout on your black and decker work mate...

    oh ive missed those days:)
  7. Especially after its false journey on the veteran getting spat on thread.
  8. Up in North Tyneside,locals burned down a complete council estate and then rioted! result-new council estate!!
  9. Surely its should have the capacity of a ferry by now. and more miles on the clock than a chavs Nova?
  10. Fair play. Initiative test passed
  11. The Outrage bus was sent to Liverpool for repairs-and then nicked by the locals.
  12. New bus and spare ordered and being delivered as we speak