Don't like the army - don't pay tax!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by msr, Dec 4, 2003.

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  1. msr

    msr LE

  2. I note the individual concerned is a foreigner - a Hun, no less. Presumably the bailiffs will arrive in dead of night, wearing long black leather coats - 'For you the protest is over.'

    Send her home, where they have a bigger army and spend more than we do. Wretched woman.
  3. send the stupid cow to Baghdad she how long she stays a pacifist then.
    Then again i hear West Africa is quite nice this time of year. Goddamn hippy
  4. A kraut and a pacifist!!!! shes only a pacifist cos her homeland are crap at war :lol:
  5. I only have hate for people like her :evil:
  6. bint, notice they gave her address tho! :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
  7. She has a point. I don't want tax taken from my salary, whether it's for military spending or not.
  8. I wonder if she'd refuse to have her house put ot if it was oin fire and a Green Goddess turned up?? If we could opt out in taxes though it would be great, with Gunny on that. Overseas and we get the education and health back as ours comes from the defence budget!!!
  9. msr

    msr LE

    Oxford Rd is pretty long (as it is the A34), and is the eponymous MSR, which connects me in Manchester to my roots in Berkshire. Which is nice.

  10. The woman is obviously mad, and shouldn't be lecturing students on anything. So I say sack her and don't let her have any benifits, after all, she refused to pay her taxes. She'll also find that as someone whose not earning anything, she won't be paying any taxes..... so in a strange sort of way everyone will be happier.

    Nothing against the Germans, but she is pig ugly and ugly birds shouldn't have a say in anything, let alone where their tax is spent!! :lol:
  11. No I fully agree with her she is quite correct, she objects paying for what she see is of no benefit to her.

    I will be writing to the Government today explaining why I am not going to pay tax for;

    Health- I have never been in hospital and if I do I have Private Medical Insurance. Also I have to pay $40 to see my GP.

    Schools- I don't have kids and don't see why I should pay for others. And btw do Univerities not got a sub from the Government? Universities that I see this woman works for.

    Roads - I pay a whacking great tax every time I fill up with petrol so they have enough of my dosh for them.

    The Dole I- have always been employed so object to having to pay for those who are to lazy to get one.

    I look forward to joining Ms Vollm in the dock.
  12. well said, I appreciate your taxes though Blackhand. I'd be screwed without them. :lol:

  13. You have a whacking great point there mate. Selective Taxation is what’s needed. I too do not want to pay for education as I have nil brats. I pay a humongous amount on petrol tax each year, so why pay road tax? Health care? Introduce means tested medical insurance. Those under a certain salary amount don't pay. The list is endless, but some of the stuff I pay tax for I can do without. Don't even get me started on the poll tax. MAN !! I pay for a phantom police force who I only ever see going past in their van at Mach 2, NEVER on foot. Refuge collection which entails dragging many bin bags to the bottom of the street cos, get this, the bin men refuse to walk up it as it's a cul-de-sac (HAA !), etc, etc, RAN-TINNING OVER !!
  14. It can happen that you don't pay tax or rates on services you dont use.

    I live in the middle of nowhere -about 45 minutes drive from the nearest city. I was suprised to see that on this years Regional Rates demand I was paying a Public Transport levy. So I questioned this as we have no Public Transport out here, only to be told that we have a bus that leaves at 06.00 and returns at 18.00!!! - news to me and many others !!!
    Upshot was that all the locals whinged about it and the rate was recinded.
  15. Bloody boxhead hippy :evil:

    I felt inclined to add a comment, however, it didn't appear imediately, so I guess they are edditing any "offensive" bits as we speak - it is a Guardian owned site after all :evil:

    I see Theaterman has made his views know too...