Dont Like My Flag In My Car Window? Go Home Then!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Callum_Almighty, Feb 8, 2009.

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  1. Right, i have concluded that after about an hour debating whether i should ask for help from fellow Arrses.
    I indeed have a union jack on my car window, i have stuck it there proudly and will not take it down!
    No 2 different accounts, next door have asked me to remove it from my car window as they find it "offending" to there culture
    I told them simply NO, they are from the middle east (Iraq to be precise) but what i do no is that the father lost his brother in a "incident with British Forces in southern Iraq during the first gulf war" and that they do not like me with passion.
    Today at 11.25hrs i had a knock at the door, i answered it. It was the oldest son from next door, I myself am only 17 and 7 Months and this guy was i'm liking about 26 :?:
    I friendly asked what was the problem, he stated that if i don't remove the union flag from my window i would wake up and find out i have no car.
    And that his father was seeked advice for a legal service
    :twisted: :roll: :x
    Bloody idiot thats all i say right now.

    My car at the moment is not taxed, there for, I've stated it as of the road.
    which is parked in one of my family's parking around (which is also marked out)
    Most people down my street are white and even some of them have a national flag in there owned car's windows
    so i don't see the problem with mine.

    I made it personal clear to the family at half past that i shall not remove it as i am proud of the flag and i wish to serve under it :? 8)
    And that if they are not happy with it, i suggest they move back home or to Manchester

    8O and right now the father is now taking pictures of my car
    1 sec

    Right, after telling him to fuck off and go home i shall now resume!

    anyone had the same thing happen?
    Any Advice?!
  2. Stop telling lies would be my advice.

    This story isn't true, is it?
  3. Has this actually happened? It sounds like one of those stories the BNP make up, a bit like the supermarket one where the woman on the till refuses to serve someone in uniform. It turned out to be total crap, made up to get us all wound up about foreign people.

    I honestly can't see any immigrant objecting to a UK flag in the UK.
  4. Yes it is.
    I've only had the car 3 weeks, not passed test yet, due to no money, i have insured it Via Tesco
    But they is no tax, so my father cannot teach me to drive in it as my lessons are now £27 PH
    which i cannot afford
  5. Can we see a photo of the car please? And of the Iraqi?
  6. It's what is so confusing, yet i am only 17 and i'm not a wise as many other people, my dad will take there side over me, but i do not seem why

    And this is no hox or howwever that is spelt
  7. are you thick or what, if you are not showing a valid tax disc, say goodby to your car as it will be crushed just because you wound up your local wog
  8. So you've got an untaxed car parked in your front garden (no doubt on bricks) and you havn't passed your test yet. I would imagine the only driving experience you have is TWOCKING.
    You have a burberry baseball hat and is your name Dave.
    I claim my £10.
  9. msr

    msr LE

    They probably think you are lowering the tone of the neighbourhood by parking an untaxed rust bucket there.

    Is is a dropped-suspension Nova with a stupidly large exhaust, tinted windows and a pointless sound system?

  10. You are stupid, why splash out on a car you can't drive, why didn't you spend the money getting a driving license instead or have you as some have suggested made this up?
  11. No, it isn't true. You're lying.

    Your story is a big lie. Union Flags in cars? My ar*e!

    You've made the story up because you're attention seeking.

    You're using a particular bait in the misapprehention that most squaddies are knuckle-dragging idiots and you thought that by posting that rubbish on here, that loads of people would rush on and back you up, in order that your own prejudices were reinforced.
  12. We really need a photo now. Please?
  13. Pop next door and ask for a copy