Dont let your standards drop!

Discussion in 'Jobs (Discussion)' started by WasMe, Mar 7, 2006.

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  1. I know! :(
  2. Well said WasMe

    I have been out 12 years and applied that principle. It works.

    My only note of caution is beware of bust-ups with colleagues. In the Army you get the hump, say what you think perhaps even slap someone but pretty soon all is forgotten and you are mates again - not so in the civvy world people take offence and hold grudges for bloody ages.
  3. He He works for me, my line manager has told me that my management skills are to robust as the team say that I am telling them to do things (isnt that the way it works) so I have had to "manage" the team better, the look on their faces at Monday meeting when they thought I was going to be meek and mild, "right come in, sit down and shut up" soon sorted out our differences :lol:
  4. Thanks Delboy3 & EXBQMS,

    I must be on the right track.

    I do like the "right come in, sit down and shut up", but not sure if it will work here!
  5. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    The greatest asset with regards to my day to day work is my office back up. Her technical Job title is paraplanner. ( feel free to make airborne jokes).

    Although new to the role she has brought a shed load of skills with her and whislt some are definately inate, so many of them can be easily attributed to her time as a JNCO. She is definately a shining example of using skills and disciplines learnt in the army and applying them in civvy street.
  6. We recently had another ex-military person start at work.

    He has had nothing but praise. It seems that 'they' have seen what 'ex-military' people have to offer and are REALLY pleased. They are talking of activly recruiting some more!


    What do you think that an ex-military person offers in a civilian work place?
  7. He/she can take the crap thats directed, overcome it and achieve the aim without losing the plot or throwing a sickie.

    (if they can't do it at least they make it look as if they did)
  8. Thanks for that Wasme, I start my new civilian job on 5th June, although my final pay is in Nov, call it 5 months work experience, only getting paid for my expenses. It will be a shock to the system working with civilians, as I am sure everyone that has left the forces has experienced. No doubt a challenge that I am looking forward to. :D
  9. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    Discipline, Self starting, get it done attitude. Pro active instead of being reactive. The ability to think on their feet. Non whinging, task orientated. sense of humor.

    Those are just a few of things that ex-military bring to the job. And Im bloody lucky that I have someone that works with me that displays all of the above and others.

    Dont get me wrong not every ex-mil person has the above. But if they do then they are likely to be a valuable part of the team.
  10. Very well notes WM.

    I've been out for mumble, mumble years and found that if you keep you intelligent sqaddie head on and don't panic when the sh 1 t hits the fan, be polite and help wherever you can, you will gain the respect of your work mates and the management.

    One piece of advice KEEP OUT OF OFFICE POLITICS
  11. I work as an untrained agency nurse whilst at uni. So far, most of the places I have worked at always ask for me whenever they need cover. Even thought I'm not too experienced in the job, I just apply my squaddie mentality to get things done. I was even commended once, when a place was short staffed, as I coped considerably well for a inexperienced carer - according to the senior nurse. He even suggested I would be suited to A&E at the local hospital.

    I also apply this mentality to my studies, at the minute a lot of people are struggleing with the work on my course, but I just keep thinking how the pressure was on my Combat Engineer B3 - up all night correcting spelling mistakes, revising etc.

    Civi Street is so easy.
  12. I agree amazing__lobster, compared to what we did on the inside, the outside is easy. I have found that some of the people I work with get quite peeved if they are still at work at 1530hrs!!!!

    I think that BuscuitsAB got it right. We do have ...........Discipline, Self starting, get it done attitude. Pro active instead of being reactive. The ability to think on their feet. Non whinging, task orientated. sense of humor.

    ducati916, keep the faith. I was quite terrifed when i left, but I now see it that I can be successful out here! Look at 'ABs list - thats what we have!
  13. is this a p1ss take?
  14. You sure?