Dont let your grandmother die

Another new 'tax' - well done 'Stalin'. Which 'tax' is this? It is the:

'Do not allow your grandparents of parents to die, otherwise we will charge you 3% interest on the Inheritance Tax you OWE us'.

My son-in-law's father died in January 2008. The father left a falling down house on about half an acre in Feltham. The old man refused to rectify any faults with the house. The house and land has been 'valued' at £550,000, together with a further £90,000 in cash and belongings.

My son-in-law has an Inheritance Tax bill of around £130,000. He is a serving policeman with three children, an expensive wife (my daughter) and a mortgage and cannot even think about paying such a sum.

The property cannot be sold due to many factors, not least the 'Recession' and the Council's absolute refusal to allow any form of development.

Son-in-law is between the proverbial rock and the hardest of hard places - now this disreputable government see fit to punish him further for allowing his 80 year old father to die!!!

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