Dont let the bastards get away with it!

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by copey, Dec 8, 2006.

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  1. we all have enough outgoings yet the government is planning further taxes for the motorist, if your a car/bike owner this concerns YOU.

    click on the link and give your vote against further road taxing

    serious for the naafi bar i know, but hey, its your beer money they are after!
    Mods please make sticky!!!
    PETITION TIME RUNS OUT IN FEB 07 (probbably in the hope that people will not find it and vote)
  2. its got mine, the old ladies, and my parents and brothers!
  3. Done and happy to say so!!

    Deserves more attention... although you know that the powers that be don't care what people think.... they just want more money!
  4. Good lad!
    lets have a bit of feedback boys and girls
    we already have to pay

    income tax
    alcohol tax
    ciggarette tax
    council tax
    Nat insurance tax
    interest tax (if we have any savings)
    purchase tax (VAT)
    road tax
    fuel tax (higest in europe)
    insurance tax
    congestion (charge) tax if in London
    even ebay is taxed now!

    enough is enough guys, im fecking brassed off with this government. they dont mind taking it but when it comes to dishing out a decent payrise it all goes quiet!!
  5. plus stamp duty, estate tax and capital gains tax
  6. why has this been shifted here? it concerns just about every squaddie!
  7. Inheritence tax (although I see this thread turning into an anti-labour thread)
    ....slightly dissapointed to see that cnut GB gets a chunk of the house that my great-grandad built

    anyway they'll listen.....although if big Mike Jackson puts his name down..........