Dont Let American Kids Read This!

Discussion in 'US' started by Rocketeer, Feb 18, 2009.

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  1. Congress has stepped in to make sure that American kids don't read books older than they are in a bid to prevent them being killed.

    As if US kids read anyway, here's another excuse for them to play on their Xbox instead.

    Congress passed a law regulating hazards in children's products and this includes books published prior to 1985 which are deemed no longer safe and may be unlawful to sell, distribute.. Merchants, thrift stores and used book sellers are at risk if they flog older volumes without first subjecting them to testing [ at considerable expense ].

    So, Goodwill and others are dumping books into landfill and garbage and refusing to take others, if the books pre-date 1985. the reason?

    Not until 1985 did it become unlawful to use pigments, inks and paints containing lead dyes used in children's books.. Kids licking pictures, or eating pages could get ' lead poisoning '...

    No one has discovered any case where an American child has been made ill or suffered adverse effects from lead in old books or illustrations, but.. best be safe.. dump all those copies of Dr. Seuss that your mom saved from Beginner Books/Grolier and make sure the Disney pop-ups of their old movies are burned to prevent lead from dulling their brains as they read...
  2. Rocket, link please, else this seem to be a leg pulling event, much as is seems US kids don't read anyway, so if true, it probably wouldn't matter.
  3. Of course they don't read. If they read, they'd be educated to the fact that giving money to 'freedom fighting' terrorist organisations in other countries, say Ireland for example, was tantamount to murder. :roll:
  4. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer


    Can't find anything else to say its happening but unintended consequences are often the result of poor legislation... and don't we in the UK know that!
  5. That's possibly one of the most depressing things I've ever read.
  6. What about all those playing cards that children collect and are worth money. Or your old posters. Does this mean that the congressional library is having a clear out? Many libraries must be emptying shelves too.
  7. Thanks for the link. Have to say I was skeptical when I read the first post - but this proves the idiocy of gobment knows no limit.
  8. Good god. Well, goodbye moon
  9. Yeah thats of the lead that.
  10. if the furking idiots are just gunna chuck them then why not send them to people that dont have such luxurys and who have much worse things endangering them than lead poisoining...because to be fair american kids probably are dumb enough to eat them! the rest of the world, am not so sure
  11. As a septic sort, to whom this stupid feckin law is applicable, I am totally appalled. I don't have grandkids yet (Please God, not until the son is married!!) but practice for having grandkids someday by spoiling my Godkids (plus a cousins grandkids) rotten with presents, usually books. There are a number of great kids books that have gone out of print. Examplles include many of the "Churchmice" books, The shelf animal books by Ivy Wallace and many more.

    I buy copies of books that I loved as a child, or that my son loved when he was small, on the internet and sent them to the kids for Christmas, birthdays or no reason at all. Getting a call from an 8 year old saying "Uncle David, The Secret Garden is wonderful!" makes my day.

    I am not worried about the kids safety as they don't eat the books and (odd coincidence) all have one or more parents who are doctors who are fit to monitor their own kids activities and health.

    This nanny state thing is really going over the top. Thanks for the post by the way, when I log off Arrse I will be writing my congressman. He probably will not listen to reason but writing will make me feel better.

    edited to add: I doubt very much if what are called Chav kids in the UK get books for presents from their family. People who encourage children to read probably have enough sense to make sure the kids do not eat the books.
  12. Sad really. The gobment previously let all kinds of poisoned toys, food etc. in from China - now overreacts with this silliness. As pointed out, what child chews or eats books?

    It could be a conspiracy though, as one poster wrote - to rid the country of its traditional values espoused in these older books.
  13. Does anyone have a way to check to see if Hell has frozen over. For the first time (and possibly the last time) Kevin and I agree on something.
  14. As many of the above, that article was one of the saddest things I've ever read. It was already mentioned in the article but I can't help wonder why this has this slipped under the radar of mainstream newsies in the States? IMO its pretty big news given the immediate impact to various people's livelihoods, libraries & also the longer term consequences of current & future generations of kids across the pond losing that window into the past.

    Glad I don't live there & can happily wander down to the Southbank used book market whenever I want to pick up a bargain!