Dont know wether this belongs here *FREE T-Mobile SIMS*

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by discodan, Mar 8, 2005.

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  1. Done a wee bit of digging on this one. It worried me because it looked a bit like an information gathering site, php based as well which is the trick the scammers use for fake bank sites etc.

    Had a look round T mobile official site and this is linked directly off it. So its genuine, you can feel safe whilst you bolster the german economy :wink:

  2. oiy... I dont do dodgy offers lol... get these all the time... do the o2 offers too.
  3. wonder how many of you actually ordered these... 80 views and one reply lol..
  4. Hope your right , ive just ordered one
  5. Had one of them cold call the missus yesterday (BTW, if she was an Eskimo, you could sell her ice!). Got home and she told me all about this great deal with T mobile. Told her I wanst interested especially some t*at phoning up out the blue. Didnt occur to her that it may have been a scam so she gave her feckin bank details! (Hers, not mine so Im not too fussed :wink: ). Anyhow, this chap 'Justin' phoned back when I got home and I think he is concidering a new line of work. I dont think Ive ever heard someone from telesales cry before. I gave him a lecture on 'I dont fcukin care how good a fcukin deal it is, DO NOT phone me up at home, cnut. If I want a fcukin deal, I'll pop down the shops. STOP phoning me, you parasite. Where the fcuk did you get my number from t*at?? Give me your home number so I can offer you unbefcukinleavable deals without fcukin asking for them'.

    He than had the audasity to ask why I had a problem with people cold calling. Well fcuk my old boots, I really flipped my lid then. Cnuts, the lot of em.

    The missus doenst understand 'something for nothing' does not exist unless it involves a balaclava, a sawn off and a small rural post office!!
  6. oh dear... bank details?.... I'd have words... at least this offer is on Pay As You Go Sims and not contract.

    speaking of screaming at the cold caller there is a funny funny funny mp3 on the net of a bt opperator calling a customer and he goes nuts on the kid... the young opperator is in bits by the end of the call I will see if I can find it
  7. That's because nobody trusts a KINGO. :lol:
  8. lol... cheeky munkee
  9. Any joy in finding an address for this clip then chief?

  10. am still working on it... it was online but I have it backed up on a disc somewhere... have no fear I will find it.
  11. ahhhhh god love that bt fella, he was soooo polite too! :roll:
  12. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    This Diane doris he spoke to at the end must be a good egg - posting it on the net like that. :lol:
  13. lol... yeah I would have done exactly the same thing in her position!!