Dont knock a Skoda!!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by india-juliet, Apr 30, 2006.

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  1. Cruising down the M3 yesterday, I noticed a Range Rover doing at least a ton. What did a notice then, A blinking Skoda Octavia no markings but sporting some covert blue lights in front and rear.

    Hants Traffic are using the Skoda between Fleet & Basingstoke. Im aware other Forces are also using Skoda' but just watch out for the BAO reg if your flying down to Otterbourne/Marchwood/Middle Wallop etc. :roll:
  2. That'll be the octavia vRS then....

    I don't drive a skoda but people who still knock them tend to be a bit bone in my opinion. It's a fcuking VW under the skin!
  3. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    PSNI have been using Skoda's over here for ages.Traffic Branch use high powered Mitsibushi land cruisers & Vectra's but the 'normal'plod uses Skoda's & a few people type carriers for the 'take away' vans.
  4. I.J - Thanks for the info... any clue the colour???

    FYI > > > M1 Beds constab - W reg MKII mondeo estate.... very amusing seeing it pull a SLK Merc using his mobile! :twisted:

  5. Silver
  6. Skodas were Jasper Carrott's whole act, haven't seen much of him lately.
  7. skoda's are now mostly built fom vw parts so they are bound to be reliable now, have actually thought about one myself when old faithful finally goes to the big garage in the sky.
  8. Had a Skoda Fabia for four years with no problems to report. The things are built like brick shitehouses so are a bit on the heavy side. The Fabia was car of the year when I bought it and I think it lived up to it. VW sorted out Skoda like they did Seat and turned both companies completely around.

    The jokes are gone and almost forgotten but Skoda lives on and Skoda Steel built the spindle for the London Eye so if you're ever after a spindle................
  9. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    HantsPol are using the Skoda on the M27and M3 so watch out. Its the one with 4 ariels on it.
  10. I noted the other week that BTP have a couple of Skodas at Birmingham New Street station - one marked and one unmarked.
  11. Mine was never marked until that silly cow with her shopping trolley in Colchester decided on a short cut.

  12. I heard that they had an unmarked Diesel Locomotive. Blue and yellow apparantly. Hangs round between Crewe and London St Pancras.

    Mind the Gap!!! :twisted:

  13. I find myself asking.....why?
  14. I bought a Skoda Fabia a few years ago. Complete Hydraulics failure 10 minutes after leaving the showroom, and loads of other problems in the next 2 months. got rid of it, got a full refund and went back on the bus to work. Its the only car that has ever let me down! :evil:

    I now own my mates old R reg Mondeo with 140,000 on the clock, which has NEVER broken down, or failed an MOT, or even got an advisory note after passing. Everything in it works and not a spot of rust, clean interior and near immaculate paintwork. Don't think I'll ever buy a new car again :D
  15. Skoda Fabia vRS-Such a fantastic car to drive (and it's a diesel!), yet so fcuking pig ugly as a 5 door.

    Skoda, make a 3 door version that looks good and I'll buy one-until then, not a chance!