Dont Hug HOODIES give them Boxing lessons.

boxing clubs like cadets and scouts old school stylee way of getting boys to behave.
unfortunatly hate by socail services and the like who hold the purse stings :(
want to orgainse dj sessions heres a wad of cash or drama work shops heres more cash
boxing no hope plus the type of man who runs a boxing gymn isn't likely to be able to right an equal opps policy or know one even if it leapt up and bit him :cry:
Particularly ANNOYED by this new policy, having (4 hrs ago) had my new car broken in to (I bought it last weekend) and had my new gucci stereo (also bought last week) stolen by one of these so-called fellow human beings. I am only thankful that I didn't catch him/them in the act. I would have put the machete that was in the car at the time (which wasn't stolen!) to good use on their hands!

That said, impressed with the Police who turned up within an hour. I didn't think they'd bother. Couldn't do much for me though.


PS - I'm not a nutter. Machete there in prep for a camping trip. It's an imported camper van. God knows where I'll get the new door lock parts from. I have had to send my girlfiend home because I don't want to explode (in the anger sense!) in front of her. Now just recovering from 45 mins of punching my mattress in my room in the Mess.

PPS - Did I make it clear that I am INCANDESCENTLY ENRAGED?

Thanks for hearing my pain!

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