Don't go to the Black Wach

Discussion in 'Jobs (Discussion)' started by error_unknown, Jan 28, 2003.

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  1. Cause it's Arrse.

  2. Soldier_Why

    Soldier_Why LE Moderator

    And it's full of Jocks!!
  3. And Jock Wives!!!!!
  4. Jew waaant a slap in the pus ye baasa.  We ken whaur ye live ye wee mash c*nt!  Jis yoo wait ntil we git oor hauns on ye, ye shiny arrse clerk, ye'll ken why then Soajer Why!   An' yer Ma stinks o' fish by the way!
  5. Not sure if i should be adjusting that last post. I think i need an English-Jock dictionary to be sure.
  6. mkw

    mkw Swinger

    No all of the army is ARRSE
  7. Could this be True!

    Answers on a postcard to Grumblin_subalten  or put your rants on the Postings forum.

    Understanding what you is feeling bout the BW. Although i have some good mates there who have often had different ideas, but they also have had the same idea as well on ocassions
  8. Who WOULDN'T want to serve in Fallingbostel, an hour away from the nearest city, with 'Danceland Cha Cha's' and, err... 'Danceland Cha Cha's' for an evenings 'socialising'?
  9. Danceland Cha-Cha's.......what a *****n name!  If you're interested....... the moderators on this site are all experts on the 'Bare Bum Cha-Cha'.  Apparantly it's all the rage down Kings Cross?  :D :D :D
  10. Urrrrrrrrrrgh! I remember when they were posted to Fort George.

    A more unpopular bunch with the local civvie population cannot be imagined. They made the old Gordon Highlanders look like an amiable bunch of comedians.

    Miserable sodding lot. Thank god the RHF took over from them.

    Fallingbostel is god's and the Army Boards punishment on 1BW.

  11. Their name say it all.
  12. I was in Hong Kong with the Black Death and for thier defence they did give the U.S.NAVY a good kicking down the Wanchi. They were also very pleasent and quiet when escaping from the Q.A accommodation at the BMH. :twisted: :evil:
  13. I was in Hong Kong just after 1BW left.

    See trying to get a taxi if you had a Scottish accent?

  14. I was in Hong Kong just after 1BW left.

    See trying to get a taxi if you had a Scottish accent?

  15. Try and get into JB's with a Scottish accent whilst they were there, no chance. However I think the Q.A's at the BMH ( with the help of NAAFI pies ) did help half the Battlion get over these prejudices on many an occasion :twisted: :twisted: