Dont go to a US prison...

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by Schleswig-Holstein, Feb 12, 2007.

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  1. I have nil remorse for convicts. If you go down for an offence a judge should have the power to include some boy fun in the sentance.

    Mr Joe Bloggs for assaulting a Police Officer I sentance you you to 12 months in Jail. This sentance will also involve you taken up the Gary Glitter 5 times. Giving 3 Reachrounds and ******** a safe cracker.

    It would provide a good strong message that crime does not pay and indeed it will hurt you. I would also deduct money from prison wages if they have to have first aid on their chocolate starfish after being torn by a Harlem Globetrotter type.
  2. It was his 3rd offence, some people just don't learn.
  3. Hmmm...maybe he wasn't in prison just for the rehabilitation??
  4. Those 'three strikes' laws here in the US are a bitch. A third felony is a mandatory 25 years in some states, a life sentence in others.
  5. I'm not really sure it's a good idea to force shoplifters and other non-violent criminals to suffer the brutalising effects of repeated gang-rape.
    Studies have shown that many of them learn that they have to resort to extreme violence to avoid rape, and they will then carry this willingness to use extreme violence when they're released back into society. Even those who don't learn to see sexual assault and violence against others as something banal and not repulsive, as it should be.
    It's not in society's interest to degrade the humanity of inmates who will eventually be unleashed back unto the general public. Prison should be about imparting civilised values onto inmates, not taking them away. Such a policy is madness....
  6. The US has (proportionally) the largest prison population of any nation on the planet, this includes repressive states such as PRC, Iran, Syrian, Saudi and all the other corners of despair who epitomise all that is nasty in the world.
    It also the most brutal and repressive in the west.
    Don't get nicked in the States.
  7. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Jail me once; my bad and 'ouch'

    Jail me twice; didn't hurt enough the first time

    Jail me three times; I'm so stupid it's criminal, and I must get off on the bum-fun. Please keep me in jail for the rest of my natural because I just DON'T LEARN!
  8. UK jails dont seem to be much better. Doing time in a 300 year old prison seems like cruel and unusual punishment.
  9. Well now you're just showing how dumb you really are, aren't you.

    The chap quoted in the preface was sent down for his third offence, of driving under the influence of alcohol. Does he deserve a lifetime of rape and torture? I'm glad life has been kinder to you, and you can freely make such comments without a second thought for those who's lifes are substantially harder than your own. Aren't you lucky.
  10. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    No, no, T6, you don't realise - 300-year old Gaols are part of our architectural heritage, and most likely listed building! They should be honoured to be living in them.

    Meanwhile, from the Home Office recently, over £100,000 is to be spent on flat-screen TVs for UK prisoners, and of course they don't pay a TV licence, unlike Soldiers. Oh, and they are gradually getting free Sky TV acces as well (although that may be part of their punishment).
  11. Interesting mix of views. I can't help think that prison is a case of there for the grace of God go I... For instance, I like most males growing up in the UK got involved in my share of street violence - luckily no-one ever got seriously hurt/killed, and I never got nicked for it... I grew up, and now try to be a bit more mellow (and there really isn't anyone to scrap with here in Plön). Anyway - it would have been easy to end up inside though, and I sure as hell wouldn't been willing to get reamed by 'Big Ron' and his mates...

    I think Chris Rock had it sussed...
    don't go to prison kids - you'll meet the salad tossing man
  12. We none of us can claim to be squeaky clean but some scrote who can't stop driving his vehicle whilst pished? Need I remind you of the dangers of a drunk driver?

    He's been caught at it three times so we can only guess how many times he's actually endangered lives by driving with a skinful. Sod it - pass me the KY and I'll do him. With a mallet.

    Empathise with someone who has risked others lives needlessly? You can't really be taking the side of the offender now can you? Hope you show the same concern for a drink driver should he erase someone you love from the gene pool matey.
  13. If he doesn't like it up the wrong'en then it's simple:

    DON'T DRINK AND DRIVE or at least fcuking learn the first time!
  14. Schleswig-Holstein,

    Of more concern is what were you searching for Online to have found said article? Hmmm?