Dont Get Sued In Your Own Home

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Markintime, Sep 30, 2008.

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  1. A midwife in Hull is today starting proceedings against a Hull couple whose babies she visited. She stumbled slightly on the stairs but laughed it off when the house owners asked if she was alright. Now it seems they are on the wrong end of a lawsuit because they failed to provide a safe work place for the community midwife.
    It may be grossly unfair but how can you protect those who enter your house on business?

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  2. Sound like another individual exploiting the 'compensation/blame culture' prevalent in the UK as a 'get-rich-quick' scam.

    Answer: remove the 'culture' by reintroducing the notion that the individual is generally responsible for their own actions rather than encouraging them to look elsewhere to lay blame.
  3. Stupid bint.
    Look where yer going, next time.
    It's on page 1 of "how to walk upright".
  4. Maybe she came from one of those cultures to which walking upright is a much more recent inovation.
  5. This is screaming for the parents to claim that it was the midwife who put the buggy on the stairs - then counter-claim for damage to the buggy.

    It seems it's a popular sideline.
  7. Until court rulings say "Fcuk off you money grabbing cnut" then it'll continue.

    Yet another case of "Why should I work hard for the good things in life when I can scam a few quid here and there"
  8. From this flurry of legislation it looks as though amongst our daily chores we are going to have to carry out daily risk assessments for each and every person who sets foot on your property. The milkman, the postman, the paper boy, the hawker, Jehovah's Witnessess the list is endless and the paperwork would have to be changed for every prevailing factor such as light, weather etc. Soon everyone will have huge disclaimer notices at the entrance to their property with visitors made to sign a waiver if they wish to enter the premises.
    Just shows what a lazy bunch we are, anything for a fast buck and let's not bother about our dignity on the way. The lawyers who fuel this blame and claim culture are sunk into the mire of their own greed and bring no glory to their profession.
  9. She may be trying to sue, but if they haven't got it, she's on a hiding to nothing. It's more than likely not them directly who she'll be suing, but rather their insurance company.

    Still....where's there's blame....there's a claim, etc, etc,etc, and faaaaaaaadde to end.
  10. The silly cow should have been watching where she was going
  11. i shall be sueing the wife as i have just fell over her shoes, but i will settle out of court for a more physical settlement which will probably result in me being sued for mental damages i may cause.
  12. Its the way this pathetic former nation is going, ever since a H&S prosecution against the Met in 2000 (IIRC) cops cant climb over 2 metres height to chase people, you have to call for a helo or rope access team.

  13. I can go one better - We've been advised to radio in for permission to enter premises if whilst in an area we notice a Security Alarm has been activated on a building.

    Luckily this has been ignored by all however how long until a Bobby gets hurt and the job says "You weren't covered as you failed to recieve permission from supervision."
  14. I see a money making opportunity here.

    Signs for homes that state :

    This is private property. Entry onto the grounds/premises are at the person's own risk.. occupants/owner accepts no liability for personal injury or other adverse effects.

    should sell a lot of them...
  15. except theyre irrelevant and unenforceable under law.