Dont get sent to a medic unit, aargh!

Discussion in 'RLC' started by armadillo, Jan 27, 2005.

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  1. :( Hi there new member here, please be nice. I have spent three years within a medical regiment. These people have to be seen to be believed. In the RLC you can get promoted to Lcpl but must pass a military proficiency certificate within a year to qualify. Medics can leave basic training and within a year get promoted without doing a cadre course not recognised by the army training recruiting agency. So they become a lance jack with the minimum of training or experience which put those of us who have qualified ,done operational tours, second unit posting who are sweats, who understand the military way of thinking in the same league. It doesnt stop there, there are also staffies whom wouldnt make it to the rank of corporal in any other corp. So when you are lying on the battlefield bleeding to death and been picked up by a medic lance jack , remember it may be there first tour, unable to read a map with the minimum of battlefield training, do you feel safe? They call themselves combat medical technicians. 1 they are not combat trained 2 Medical training not recognised in civvy street 3 Technicians think not! not one of them is qualified to be a first aider in civvy street. :wink:
  2. remember also they have more VCs than other Regiments, even some merged Regiments
  3. Read there list of VCs and the writeups they have had, read between the lines all done by officers who did not have a clue to the operational situation around them and wandered about the battlefield like idiots looking for a scab to lift. What the writeups dont remark on was how many men gave up there lives in vain looking for these medical officers on the battlefield who have just wandered off. Look at the VCs contributed by the ghurkas and try to balance them in context with the medical corps . Yes there may have been instances where the medics have won them through sheer bravery and i salute them but there are one or two who look like complete idiots with hindsight.
  4. They are still the worst place to get sent to though, mind my experience was 5 gsmr for telic 1 then 1csmr for the rest of my time in the gulf, gits
  5. You may have a pont, but if push comes to shove, i'd rather they knew which end to stick the pointy things in than being able to recite the Principles of War and direct a fire-fight.

    I'm told sticking a sign with "DNR" on your head gets you left alone in Civvy hospitals - not sure if it applies in the field?

    Have to agree with you about First Aiders though (was one once) I wouldn't let one near me if I was still conscious :roll:
  6. Early VCs were very much 'Officer gives horse to injured trooper', so not isolated to RAMC et al.

    And how many RAMC died not trying to get anywhere nut to the injured ?. Also, how many RAMC per Bn of Gurkha.

    Any medics want to complain about being with Loggies ?
  7. I suspect you're sober, Whiffler...

    Go and get a drink man!
  8. I think some of you may need to read "supreme courage" by de la Billiere may releive you of the idea that 'Officer gives horse to injured trooper' there fore recieve VC.

    armadillo i think you need to read up on a Captain Noel Chavasse VC and bar, MC. Do not think this officer is one of your as you said "read between the lines all done by officers who did not have a clue to the operational situation around them and wandered about the battlefield like idiots looking for a scab to lift."

    and no i am not a medic and yes i have worked with them and yes they are arrse. and no i was not happy doing top cover of them while they got us lost in basrah.
  9. First of all asking people to be nice is a bad move it leaves you open to grief. Medical regiments, I have been attached as a medical tradesman their term (med regts.) not mine and agree there is an awful lot of pish in them, one of the worst being the Corps obsession with using LE officers almost exclusively from outside who would not now a band aid from a bandage who do not recognise a medics ability if it bit them. Also you must have met the only one that has that sort of promotion system I have worked with good and band in all arms of the AMS/DMS, I am sure that is common to all parts of all 3 services, incidentally whilst you appear to be throwing Geraniums at my Corps I could let fly on my many meetings with the RLC if you so desire however I feel that I may be stealing other peoples thunder.
  10. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    Well ,were do you start, after 20 million years serving with the RCT and RLC in various capacities, I've found a very small majority excellent blokes, and am still in contact with them. Others I've found to be sad wanabee soldiers- you cook and drive lorries. Dont have a go moaning about an attachment, you are in the minority, medics are 90% of their postings attached to some bunch of numpties. As I said you, drive lorries, cook and post letters- we save LIVES, now and again anyway.

    CSMR's are no different to RLC major units, all $hit.
  11. Now We Are Ten How About Some Pride In Ourselves

    That was a quote by an RLC wallah - Ironic really, AMS seems to be very very similar to RLC! Ah - except the RAMC has history (and the 29VCs and 2 Bars) :lol:

    AMS folks _ I wouldn't take too much offence at what the chefs/taxis/petrol attendants say. If you read the Happy Birthday thread above, they even slag themselves off, so what hope other corps if ya can't even support your own!!

  12. As one of the so called Medic t@ssers, you really have bottle for slating us when your Corps is in just the same pile of shiit as we are-read my posts/threads in the AMS area, i fecking detest my Corps at times.

    I have worked in and around some of your major units and am looking at becoming part of one again, a thought that fecking fills me with despair.

    We both have our t@ssers, we both sometimes despair at the heirarchy and collective bullshit. On that, PM with the unit name you were in and I'll agree/ disagree with you if they are t@ssers

    So, slate your own first if they have faults and then hit out at others. Some trades in the AMS actually do work that is worthwhile and save lives on a daily basis......pass this info onto the CO of a certain regt who has medics under his command :roll:
  13. Says it all really - well said that man - at least when we had the Medical Supplies Agency we got the right drugs at the right time in the right quantity. Now its a case of nuts and bolts !!! and if the supply chain is wrong - no acceptance of blame - it must be the customer who ordered the wrong item - try ringing your helpline - it is always the customers fault
  14. Armadildo, I take it from your rant that you are probably a fatarrsed driver who was blown out by a female (or male!!) Lance jack CMT and then found yourself passed over when the RLC promotion board sat.
    you cant blame the poor CMT who is doing better in their career than you are in yours, its the hierachy that promote them, and as most of the LE officers in the RAMC come from places like your corps, well, blame the traitors who blew your Corps out in order to get on in life.
    Im not a massive fan of CMTs myself, but there are a few exceptional individuals in that cadre (who are probably in the process of retrading to one of the more sexual trades).
    stop your moaning, get yourself noticed for the right reasons and one day someone will feel sorry for you and promote you.
    The RLC that get posted to medic units are usually the cluster-fcuks that the RLC dont want to be embarressed by in their own major units.