Don't forget your loved one on Valentine's day lads...........

Yesterday, about 1530, the "TWIBTTRTDAD"* caption illuminated

"just popping out for a sec love, won't be long!"
"are you by any chance going to get me a Valentines Day card?"
"...eermm...noooo.. of course not, my little pumpkin**?"
"well if you are don't bother, its all a load of bollocks and I forgot to get you one as well"

I love her so much!

* - That's What I've Been Trying To Remember To Do All Day. Usually illuminates 5 minutes after it's too late to do anything about the thing that you've been trying to remember what it was was you were supposed to do. All day.
** - I paraphrase here for dramatic effect, use of the actual words "my little pumpkin" would be met with retching and vomiting noises
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Not necessarily. If she was anything like the ex-Mrs. Ruckerwocman, she would expect a Valentine's Day card and chocolates on the 14th and a Happy Anniversary card with something expensive in a box wrapped in nice paper and tied round with a scarlet bow on the 18th; otherwise I'd never hear the end of it. Squaws can be high maintenance.
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Talking of Indians...

Mine would class that as a monumental waste of money. She'd rather it put towards a trip for the both of us to enjoy.
I made my own card this morning actually a piece of paper.
Roses are red
Violets are blue
I want to get
Into bed with you
Presented it with her cup of tea this morning


The Army know which type of Valentine's most Arrse'ers will be with ! :nod:


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