Dont forget your daps! - Rubbish kit you had to pack.

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by EX_STAB, Apr 9, 2009.

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  1. A pair of white daps in my large pack. What was I going to need them for?

    Lets hear 'em!
  2. Crap kit we had to take;
    Respirator on most deployments.
    Spare boots on week long exercises.
    Shaving kit. (No shaving chit a must.)
    Right angle torch.
    Tiffys. * Not all bad but not usually required :)
    NBC suit.
    Crisp packet waterproofs.
    Headover - I always used a spare sock.
    PT rig :)
  3. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    On the other side of the coin
    Sirens went off and me being a bit pissed and thinking that it'll be like all the other daft a clock call outs i.e. done by 08:00 and back to normal stuck a pillow in his 58 pattern large pack
    Once I had got it just right off I went
    It was a long 5 days with just a pillow very cold too.......
  4. No 2 Shirt ??
    Both Mess tins
    KFS (only used spoon)
    Doss bag liner
    PT Kit
    Any thing that was in your locker that could fit into your Large pack, that would make it awkward whilst out on exercise
  5. As above - doss bag liner, wot a useless piece of kit ever, also IPK kit and chinese fighting suit. Nbc kit was a pain to take on ex but good to wear when stagging on when baltic :D
  6. On exercise in basic:

    PT Kit
    Spare Boots
    No 2 shirt

    -Trying to fit these into a larry large pack with all the other shite you actually use but best of all, squeezing full NBC kit and poncho into that useless 58 pattern bum roll :x
  7. red pt vest & blue shorts.
  8. Arctic (AMF (L) three months Ex each year in winter, packing list stated; Red pt vest, blue suger bags and army spitfires. 3 years in the Arctic Circle suprisingly never used them -30 :? you are going to don your pt kit and do a couple of star jumps :? :? :? :?
  9. All of the above BUT we were also allowed a Personnal item in our SOP7.

    Inspection prior to a Battle Camp in Vogelsang

    Sig Smiff - personal item - small photo of his dogs back home (4 legged type) OK says SSm.

    Sig Jones - issued glass ashtray ? WTF jones says SSM.

    Sig Blue - Map to and fake ticked for the ferry at Zebrugge- "In case it really kicks off and the 3rd Shock Army come over the border. Sir"

    "Funny Cnut are you Blue? SGT OB take him away to the strippey suntan salon."
  10. Nowt wrong with white road slappers, During adventure training in Whitby, Yes Whitby, One of our nights out the only dry footwear was the good old spitfires. Of course I looked a right ****, But a right cnut who got a cracking shag off an old Whitby bag.


    As for really sh!t kit is suggest, Any Inf unit who was on Spearhead to parade the Bn in packed "Smart Civis" Lets see what horrors that brings out

  11. Deployed to Cyprus in 1974 on Spearhead. Smart civvies - ah yes! Bell bottomed trousers with a 4" waistband and Ben Sherman shirts - and platform soles.

    Oh the shame. :oops:
  12. Got off plane at RAF Khormaksar,Aden,carrying greatcoat as per standing orders.

  13. :D TBS. a few of us caught like that on the odd occasion.
  14. Blimey this is taking me back when i was Junior Leader in 1987.

    How did it all fit that awkward and useless '58 large pack? Wasn't it crap?
    We were only issued with one water bottle and that had to last you your morning shave, wash and cleaning the dixies after cooking.
    The most perverse part of this set up was that we were issued arctic ration packs! Nice if you like chocolate, but not very funny when attempting to reconstitute peas and mince on hankley common/minley manor. It rained, but there was distinct lack of snow. It was like eating lead shot. A real crap experience.
    The CQMS must of been laughing his tits off.

    They really did make us pack all sorts of nonsense. PT kit! I mean, whats all that about?
    Do they still pack all that garbage in phase one training nowadays?
  15. Puttees - on just about every exercise inspite of everyone issued with DMS.

    Everything to do with the QM's kit list being a laminated photocopy (circa 1978), that was duly copied for every subsequent year. Stopped when the incoming QM introduced MS Word in the late eighties!