Dont forget the Padre

Now I have always held the pet theory that most of us join the TA because there is something missing in our lifes and the TA looks like it might be the place to find it. I reckon "it" is what the Church calls "Communion" and it is interesting that high retention and high morale are common bedfellows.

So what role for the Padre in all of this? My own is a top-bloke and has become a good family friend over the years as he is my local meeneester anyway - although he is also a barking loony and I hope he is reading this because it is definitely his round next!

I hope you will all now use this thread to comment on what your Padre does for you, what you do for him and how you think we can work better with the Army Chaplaincy to improve Retention.

Incidentally, I grabbed this from the Intelligence cell earlier. A few more blokes like this getting involved must be good news (no pun intended Padre) (or maybe there is and my fingers have been directed in their typing ;)) :

Padre said:
thegimp said:
Perhaps you'll explain your reasons for joining up or coming in as you call it. Is that like coming out\!!!??
Reasons for joining aka getting the 'call':

Have never considered mil chaplaincy as an option for me but went to a meeting and one of the blokes at it grabbed me at the end as asked if I'd considered being a TA Chaplain and starts giving me all the pluses. Three hours later, another meeting and yet another TA type asking me about chaplaincy. This happend with three people on the Monday, all at different meetings and in isolation from each other.

I then went to an evening do with 5 div and ATR doing a damage limitation exercise for community leaders post deepcut. Wasn't meant to go but my boss (local, not God - only thinks he is :) ) couldn't attend and so 2 i/c gets the good news. Before the event I get asked if I'm a TA chaplain and after the event I getr approached by a pretty lady who asks if I'd like medico chaplaincy. Get grabbed twice more before running away.

Week later go to conference which turns out to be at Amport House and I sit down to eat meals with blokes who have just finished RMA. We talk and I think that perhaps there's a pattern emerging and I ought to investigate this as a direction God might be pushing me in - co-incidence isn't always co-incidence in my job.

Following week I have visit from geezer in a Christian org' who is also, yep - a TA chaplain. So made the call, talked to the people, did the medical and filled the forms and here I is, slowly moving towards being part of the family.

And the calling's purpose? To be like one beggar showing another beggar where there is bread, be a friend when one is needed, to give support and help find solutions, make sense of the crud and show the love of God to all and any that I come into contact with. No airy fairy, pie in the sky stuff, no platitudes just doing what Jesus did. After all, he didn't stand in a pulpit and tell those swimming in the sea of s*** that life can be, which way to swim, He dived in and said "follow me!".

Sorry about length, hope this helps a bit,

Padre David, the chaplain en titre of 39 Signals Regt would get my vote for chaplain of the year...any year, in any company. The chaplain I previously lauded above all others was an ex-REME, Church of Ireland minister who could have given lessons in inter-faith reconciliation and is an asset to his parish in Ulster now.
A Padre can be a huge influence to the good, and very entertaining, some of the best stories must have come from confession!

Ours is a fantastic influence at Attestation and says prayers for Queen, Regt Collect and those on Ops. Very moving.

A great boost for retention since there is a support network, not just for operational issues, but all the other stuff that many would not want the chain of command knowing about. With ops, there is the family side throughout, talking to soldiers before and after. Having the right of direct access to the CO is a huge benefit as well.

Mine was immediately given unrestricted access to all ranks and a standing invitation to all events we do whether Ex or party.

Also there is now another person to do 'moral understanding' with quite a bit more understanding of the concept than I have! I was amazed when I heard what it was all about!
How well is the TA recruited for Padres?

Do we need a special entry for the on the wiki?

Not sure if they are good for retention but they do provide a great service (which to be honest I've questioned in the past).

I live 300m from where the London bombers come from, listen to the views of liberal muslims at work (against being in Iraq & can see why the London bombings happened etc) and then see news of a guy being prosecuted for saying the London bombings would happen (amongst other things).

I'm don't hate muslims, don't support the BNP, I'm not christian (but live by christian values). The above has made me slightly confused but the padre has been a great help - good to have someone to talk to, etc (far better than the 'PC' efforts of the press and goverment).
Good evening fellow territorials. This is my first post and my thanks to the kind gent who has given me so much assistance this evening to set up my account. I am constantly amazed at the resourcefulness of you good people and I have learnt ever so much this evening about "gifs" and "image sizes" and apparently I will love my "signature block" when I send this in.

I am very new to the army rumour service but wished to say a big thank you to the web site for bothering about us "God Botherers". I hope I will be able to make a contribution and I hope that even if CG is unamused at me for being here then at least the big fellow will approve.

abacus said:
So what role for the Padre in all of this? My own is a top-bloke and has become a good family friend over the years as he is my local meeneester anyway - although he is also a barking loony and I hope he is reading this because it is definitely his round next!
So in return for all this you created an account for him on arrse :) ?

abacus said:
;) IP Config reveals all - God knows anyway (apparently)
And his email address is a bit of a clue ;)

I love the sig! :D

PaddyRAC, I don't envy 11C ministering to the ARRSE congregation: imagine having to deal with one of MDN or Geordie Blerk's problems... 8O :lol:
Hello to 11C and to everyone else.

Thought that I'd come up for air as Abacus has posted my comments from elsewhere here.

I am waiting for final paperwork to be completed before I begin working with local Sigs TA Regiment and am finding this forum to be a great source of information and encouragement. I realise that I know so many Walts (although we refer to them as PONTI's where I come from :) ) from my time in cadet organisations which I think is so funny and so useful as wind up material with them. (Dog-collars are human too!),

11C, reckon I'm going to have to pick you brains with regard to the job,

Update on 11C - he is a reluctant convert (now that sounds strange even to me :lol:) However, self and Liz_the_Nurse and Blair_Witch and others well known to him will continue to keep the pressure on - he's only the Padre for a couple of Regts and an entire ACF Bn so he must have loads of time on his hands - roflmao.

Might need Padre and P_F's help to bring him over to the dark side (that sounds odd again)

Could someone please turn this thread's title into a song to the tune of R.E.M.'s Don't Go Back to Rockville? That woud be like, so cool.


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Just thought I'd add my welcome to the God-Botherers as well. Is nice to see you here.

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