Dont do as I do, do as I say.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by shaka, Mar 11, 2007.

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  1. I suppose there aren't that many dentists that don't mind putting a wisdom tooth in.

    We might get some sense out of Broon now.

    Maybe not.
  2. Ah Gordon 'Sejanus' Brown....he's a two faced fecking twot and should be hacked up into little pieces and fed to pigs by some 'orrible cnut (watched snatch again last night!......however the sentiment still stands he should be disposed of in a violent and painfull way IMHO)
  3. God, I'd pay good money to be let loose on that tw@t with a drill.....
  4. From the article

    Gordon is different to the large number of people who have found themselves with an NHS dentist because he can do something about it as a key figure in the governemtn.

    I can hardly see the many members of HMF paying for their own or families treatment at such cost. Especially if they return from, say, BFG and are not on any lists. Likewise many others find themselves with out routine access to dentists.

    The guy is a CNUT, justlike pretty much the rest of the government. Let's not forget his little stealth taxes and the like, when he blinds us with his winning smile.
  5. I don't suppose there will be any caps on his spending.
  6. The man some earlier posters have slagged off and called rude words is a mega control freak, clearly psychologically flawed, well balanced with a chip on each shoulder, an unreconstructed Marxist, a huge danger to this country especially with his avarice and his propensity for taxing wealth creators both human and corporate, he is a 24 carat slab of sh*te and is going to be the boss soon!

    God help us all, for be certain this cretinous oaf will not.

    PS Maybe I've been a tad non-commital with this post, so to dispense with any doubt I loathe the monster!! - and all he stands for.
  7. (Here we go again)

    He's just filling in time before Tony leaves a cavity at No 10...You know the drill, another mirror image government resisting the probes of the police. Followed by a blue plaque erected outside his place of birth.

    Of course once he's in the chair, he'll have quite enough on his plate...
  8. I actually saw a piccy of Broon with a hand in front of his mouth . Is that what they call a molar eclipse?
  9. Our gain and his floss.
  10. Mostly 80% of NHS dentists in civvy street are now private and you are really privileged to be able to use a NHS dentists most people have to join a scheme called Den Plan to enable us to have treatment for our dental treatment
  11. "Using a private dentist is not the same as using a private doctor," said one friend of the Chancellor.

    Of course they're not the same, one is a doctor the other is a dentist!

    The principle is the same.

    The next socialist prime minister of our country believes in one of the following:

    1. He does not trust the NHS to deliver him the quality of care required
    2. He accepts that access to NHS care is inadequate and as a result unless a person has the financial means to go private he/she will go without.

    Either way he is a hypocrite and a c*nt. He is a horrible man...............who needs a face transplant!
  12. I think Broon deserves a swift kick in the bicuspids.
  13. Splendid, another story for ARRSErs to get their teeth into.

    And rinse...