Dont die yet Maggie. We havent got the troops

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by ABrighter2006, Jul 13, 2008.

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  1. Ah, the Mail on Sunday with the news that Margaret Thatcher will have a State funeral. (if we have the troops available).

    Source: Mail on Sunday

  2. That record has been played for so long , I think it came out on a 78. Oh, had a second look , Mail on Sunday, a no newspaper.

  3. Only the Mail would lead with this, in the worst week yet for knife crime in recent years.

    Really does make you wonder how much Mo(n)gadon is being necked in the editorial meetings.

  4. How many troops would it take FFS? One to hammer the stake in, another to sow the salt...
  5. If troops aren´t available, perhaps the miners could form coffin carriers :D

    I doubt Mrs T will die soon, death is still dealing with the handbagging she gave him last time he turned up.

    What a Lady. An Iron Lady.
  6. ""How many troops would it take FFS? One to hammer the stake in, another to sow the salt...""

    Well Said!!!!
  7. I would be honoured to be any part in Madge funeral, even me as a sprog a dogg she has my utmost respect, more than these yes men that have been in power since. Just my opinion and dont mean to caude offence. Shame her son is off his nut!
  8. Most respected politician in recent memory.

    Why talk about funeral arrangements, is DMail so desperate for her to die?
  9. Bl00dy Mail....

    Only 3 other commoners in history have been given the accolade of State Funeral. Lord Nelson, Arthur Wellesley and of course Churchill.

    Who thinks Mrs T deserves to have her name up with these 3 gentlemen, clearly some of the greatest britons that ever lived.

    Who has more right to lie amongst our greatest heroes in either The Abbey or St Pauls?

    Harry Patch or Mrs T.

    Only a Nu Labour Government could have dreamt this sh!te up.........
  10. Ahem, I do believe that, in a State Funeral, the Senior Service takes charge. Following an unfortunate incident at the funeral of Queen Victoria, the horse molestors are no longer trusted with such important affairs of state.

    With 50+ ships mothballed since Labour got in, we've got loads of spare matelots!
  11. Why wait till she's dead?

    Lets burn then bury the Witch now.
  12. So wrong , but I laughed out loud.
  13. She pulled Britain out of disastrous 70-th, does that count for anything with you?
  14. Probably just needs her to peg it so they can win the dead pool sweepstake :twisted:
  15. Yes but we have always treated our politicians with contempt (or at the very least, satire) from the top of society to the bottom. Long may it continue - that kind of attitude has stopped us killing each other over political nonsense for most of the last 1,000 years.