Don't cry if you get shot - Seems fair

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by sunnoficarus, Sep 27, 2012.

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  1. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer

    seems fair...where can I buy an AK?

    ( hang on....Manchester?)
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  2. Only seems right. If some fcuker was pinching your stuff and you have a gun cabinet. That's the first place you'd go to get rid of em?

    Reminds me of the scene from withnail n I. Sleeping in bed with your gun.
  3. St Albans
  4. On that topic.... is it a good movie? Had it on my shelf for years and just never got round to it.
  5. Brilliant film. Very, very funny! I highly recommend.
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  6. Well done, M'lud. A tiny sliver of respect for the judiciary is restored.

    "O’Gorman, 27, and Mansell, 33, both of no fixed address, had pleaded guilty to breaking into the Ferries’ isolated cottage in Welby, near Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire in the early hours of Sept 2."

    Are they pikies?

    Any wannabe Charles Bronson types should note the bit that has been omitted from that report.

    "Andy, who runs a motorhome repair business, and Tracey did not attend Leicester Crown Court. The couple are believed to have emigrated to Australia on Monday amid fears of a revenge attack."

    So the victims have had to up sticks, abandon friends, family, home and business and clear off to the far corners of Siberia, Outer Mongolia or, worse, Australia, because he defended his property and family from thieves. I'll bet they have had to fund the sudden, unplanned move from their savings.

    IMHO, the victims have been punished more than the criminals.

    PS Why am I getting an Injury Lawyers4U pop-up advert at the bottom of this thread? Has Arrse mistaken me for someone else?
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  7. We still have a load of the 'advancing elvis' targets at the club in the not politically correct target locker.
    Looks like they'll be getting dusted off :-D
  8. From what I read they were emigrating anyway, this just accelerated the process. However I bet the couple feel better this morning knowing the judge told the thieves that they deserved everything they got.
  9. Rather a little late for Norfolk farmer Tony Martin.
  10. The quandry with this whole situation is that if a weapon is present at an incident, the holder must be prepared to use it to prevent it falling into the hands of the attacker. It is really a "Top Trumps" scenario, in which a potential attacker needs to act logically. Unfortunately sometimes they do not..

    The Plod/Legal establishment view in the recent past is that "it would be best" if weapons were not present, and hence the tactic of hammering legal owners if they attempted to use firearms for defence. The idea being that it would deter gunowners from using legally held firearms for defensive purposes and stop the Withnail (under the bed) scenario..

    This is not actually what the law says. Plod like to try and make the case that you cannot use a legally held firearm for self defence because it does not say "3. To kill burglers" on the conditions in your FAC. They WILL try to take your ticket off you whatever happens.. We shall watch with interest to see what happens in this case..

    As I have pointed out before, firearms law has not materially changed in this respect from the days when it was quite acceptable for someone to hold a weapon for self defence. Any Army officer could get an FAC for a personal weapon pre 1975, and frankly there is nothing in legislation that would prevent this even today, even with pistols being moved to section 5.

    It is simply down to the Chief Constable to decide (although I suspect the Home office would give any CC a severe prod if they went off piste here). The "disarm the populance" move is not a legal one, it is just a shift in custom and practice by the Plod and the Courts..
  11. Can we get this Judge rostered to hear Abu Hook's appeal of the appeal to the appeal of the appeal's previous appeal?
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  12. How does that old (well relatively for them) US proverb go...

    "Better to be judged by twelve, than carried by six."

    Mind if they've emigrated to avoid thieving pikey bastards, they may want to sue their travel advisor?
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  13. Havn't got a gun, but a quick walk around the house, garden, garage and shed threw up a veritable arsenal of carving knives, cleaver, foliage slashers, hooks, pickaxes, hammers, a trunchion once belonging to a deceased relative who was a screw in the 50s and 60's (interesting dark patina on the end and various tooth-sized indentations), and various other blunt and bladed tools. I have always been prepared to use force if necessary but now i will safer keeping 'em very sharp.