Dont complain about your kit on Tinternet

Why not, the problem's only started when they got into ticking about the procurement procedure's of their (crap) equipment.

We could start on about the SA80A1 & the A2 upgrade and what it's cost the tax payer, (about 3,000 quid per weapon total).

I have recently heard a buzz that by 2015 they're binning it for the G36. Talk about the blumin twighlight zone.

I served in the 80's, we were still using 58 webbing and carrying SLR'S & SMG's (even as I left in 92), we had bedford's and other vehicle's that were older than the young squaddie's (keeping them roadworthy/serviceable) driving them or using it on a daily basis.

We complained about the kit then, but we were BAOR and the good kit always took it's time getting to us, some of us never saw it at all. We got sh!t pay, not enough leave (to many comitment's), to get back to the UK on a regular basis.(WTF). We were commited (to the looney bin), to doing the job.
Dodgy procurment deals mean the guys at the front get shafted hardly a new phenomom . Like the information offensive to stop the critisim of the kit . But nothing about fixing the kit .

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