Dont buy Cheries book - buy Prescotts

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by frenchperson, May 11, 2008.

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  1. John Prescott's memoirs have revealed loads of things we didn't already know:

    1. Blair was scared of Brown
    2. Prescott was going to resign when caught with his tent-like pants down
    3. Prescott has always struggled with the English language :eek:
    4. Prescott is and always was a fat, obnoxious cnut - and is using long term media contacts to puff his illiterate rantings (memoirs, surely?) and cynically line his own pockets before retiring to an obscene, ostentatious mansion on the top of a hill in Hull - all paid for by numbskulls who forked out good money in exchange for his tw@ttish rantings on paper, masquerading under the label of 'book'
    5. Sorry, I added the last one
    6. Er....
    7. That's it

  2. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    I'm impressed that Prescott has actually fiished a book
    Now can someone take the coloured pencils back off him before he starts on the walls :D

  3. Is it soft, strong, and very absorbant?
  4. Excellent! :lol: Don't worry t_b_s, crayons nowadays are non toxic therefore edible, the fat cnut will eat them before scribbling with them. At least his puke will be pretty rainbow like....
  5. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    Buggered if I'm subsidising that pile of pooh by buying his book. I'll wait for the headlines to laugh at Neu Labour's self destruction - the longer they spin it out the funnier it becomes.
  6. Prescott?

    Me thinks and imagines Prescock against Dubya.
  7. I wouldnt use the pages of either book for bog paper, none of the administration from 1997 onwards interests me remotely, apart from possibly seeing them in court charged with crimes against humanity for the Iraq episode.

    All concerned are a waste of skin and space on this planet, Bliar, Bliar-Booth, Brown, Levy, Prescott and all the others on the Politburo. Sooner they are taken for the greedy coniving thieving and murdering bastards they really are the better.
  8. Wot really p1sses me off about this bunch is this, they have reduced the majority in this country to a state of not having a pot to p1ss in.

    Taxed to the hilt, bankrupt businesses, houses re-possessed, petrol and diesel prices through the roof and banks wiped out.

    Now they cobble together a couple of books that should be entitled, 'It wasn't me, it was him' to justify it. All in order to get even more money for themselves AND they have got away with the big steal in the first place - don't buy it, policy or books.

    In 1997 I had a team of 30 people, they all came in to take the p1ss out of me because I was one of three who voted Tory. My quote to them now still stands, " Laugh at me now, in a few years this lot will make you cry."

    What will we all inherit when they go.?

    Edited because I was raving mad and still am.
  9. I would say that buying Cheries book seems better, it means you can have a little read before going to sleep and also wanking material at the side of the bed. Are there any picture of her in it, preferably in a nice business skirt with stockings and high heels?
  10. Two bloody and costly wars

    A devestated military

    A thrashed economy

    An entreched underclass

    The errosion of civil liberties

    A neutered police force

    A bloated and ineffectual NHS (this goes for the entire civil service)

    More quango's than a bananna republic

    EVERYTHING taxed to the hilt

    A mandate to the tories to do whatever they like for at least the next decade (dont cry foul when they morph into ZANUtory,standby for 5 years of 'it was because of the labour government.......')

    A union teetering on self implosion

    A democracy enthralled to a bunch of self-serving champagne socialist johnnies

    ect ad nauseum

    Oh..........and the minimum wage

    What would dear old churchill say?'what a shower of c*nts' I would imagine.
  11. Years ago I knew an old boy called Jack Foster. A self defined working class man but he always voted Conservative.

    I asked him why he did this, he replied, " Listen, they are the ones with the money and the ideas, the other bunch are always on your earhole, 'give us a couple of pound brother.'

    He was so right.
  12. Except he was wrong. This lot were Tories, masquerading under the label of 'Labour'. Power corrupts, etc..... Once you start rubbing shoulders with the true filth at the top - it permeates into you. These arrseholes didn't last long after 97.

    I'm just glad to say I can't hold myself to blame for Thatcher or this shower. I never voted Labour after John Smith died.

  13. I wonder if she wears anything under her barristers gown :D
  14. Some excellent quotes on various blogs about this.

    "Prescott's new house has a separate staircase for servants. Does it have a croquet lawn?"

    "I regret ever inventing the nickname 'Two Jags' for him. In so doing I reduced a greedy, self-serving, Stalinist thug into a mere figure of fun"

    "The satirical version of The Red Flag could have been written especially for him:-

    The working class,
    Can kiss my arrse,
    I've got the foreman's job at last"
  15. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    I should imagine this is the fallout is starting
    Everyone is going to disatnce themselves from what has happend under this goverment
    After all these years of blaming the Tories for the problems (Mcnulty doing it again the other week) they are turning on each other
    Prescott is starting with I told Tony Blair but he didn't listen
    The wicked witch is starting with Gordon forced Tony to do it
    Fact is Blair got out just in time and Brown is going under but Tony Blair sowed the seeds of his downfall
    Blair is wandering round like the great hero of the modern world and I am amazed that the people who are so quick to dam Thatcher are so quick to defend him

    If you remember after Nue Labour came to power Prescott attended the Brits
    Chumbawumba threw a bucket of water over Prescott and we first saw his temper rear it's head
    Chumbawumba made the statement that Labour had sold out the Liverpool dockers and before wrong they would do the same with the country

    How right they were