"Don't box me in" the singing plod song ?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by BounceBanana, Feb 20, 2013.

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  1. A chip on both shoulders. At least it's not Kent this time zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  2. Why not? He was over the limit and was done.

    In Kent they'd have held him down and made sure he was well over.
  3. Personally I don't think that plod ever gets off lightly and I have known plenty of civilians who have got away with far more. If you're a footballer then you just claim you're worried about kidnap attempts.

    You have a beef with the police and you hold up every single little peccadillo by serving plod as some sort of proof positive that your original case holds water. All you're doing however is straining your credibility and quickly becoming known as the guy with a bone to chew.

    The fact that he has ended up in court shows that plod get no special ride from their own. Magistrates will take into account that he will lose his job the same with taxi drivers and other jobs that are licence dependent. If a man's going to lose his means of support then you temper all other punishment accordingly.
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  4. Hmmm, even a lazy perusal of incidents in my old force area prove you wrong knocknee me old fruit.

    Police officer jailed for theft (From South Wales Argus)

    Theft of £80? 3 months in jail.


    Common assault? Jailed.

    Give it a rest you loon.
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  5. It happens everywhere, mate. Over here we recently had a Mountie and his wife done for sexually abusing and starving to death their -10 y/o old (6, IIRC) son, as well dungeoning/starving as 2 other children in the residence. He's suspended WITH PAY pending trial.
    I believe he's gotten bail, too.

    You think Mike the Tilesetter would get that sort of treatment if he got arrested for a minor pub assault? ******* doubt it. He'd lose his job while awaiting bail, if he wasn't remanded for trial.

    That's why so many psychopaths join the police, because they can get away with most anything, up to and including murder.
  6. Another one from my parents' hometown.
    -Detective recieves call from daughter that "a black guy is following me".
    -Detective rushes to scene, finds the 1st available black guy( a blind, frail, aged Somali physician.
    -Detective beats Dr. so severely that he is blinded in remaining eye, and left unable to practice.
    -When witnesses shout "We're calling the police", pig shouts "I AM the Police. **** off and turn off that camera, or I'll do you.
    -Filth then charge the good Dr with "Assault Police.
    -Charges withdrawen,plod charged with our equivalent of GBH
    -Plod suspended WITH pay for over a year pending trial.
    -Found guilty, sentenced to ridiculously low custodial sentence.
    -Serves less than a week inside, released pending appeal.
    *This guy had a long and well documented disciplinary record, including NDs, hookers, drunkenness on duty, etc. NOT a one-off.

    What do you think a call centre worker would have gotten for beating someone until they were blind?!

    Justice, I ******* doubt it.
  7. 3 months for £80 what did he do? Shag the magistrates wife and daughter? When I was working Loss prevention for Boots, I caught a staff member who had stolen just shy of 28 grand.
    She was in no financial trouble, in fact her husband is quite a successful business man. She only worked to "get out and about".
    Her excuse for stealing was it was a thrill.
    12 Months suspended.
    Was in court last month for a guy caught stealing over a grands worth of booze, third time in 8 months we've caught him and his 54th conviction.
    He got 200 hours community service.
    He's currently wanted for further thefts.
    Police get significantly harsher sentences because of "Breach of trust".
    I would argue that the woman I mentioned above breached trust too. Her actions caused a whole stores staff to be under suspicion.
    She was trusted with cash at point of sale and access to the cash office.
  8. How has the cop been treated leniently?

    12 month ban, over a thousand pound financial penalty, and Professional Standards Department looking at other possible action.

    I abhor drink/drug drivers but the cops ban was on par with other such criminals and the financial penalty is in excess of many others.
  9. To be honest he deserved to lose his job but 3 months jail? A smack head would have to do several burglaries to get that.

    As for Flagrantviolators points. I don't think for one second a bloke in Canada arrested for a pub assault would be remanded. The law, particularly with regards to bail and sentencing, here's weaker than the UK, though there's a good chance of a stay in remand if you've not paid your littering ticket. That's probably the main reason it was perceived that Mountie "got off lightly", weak sentencing by the ridiculously weak Canadian judiciary. In all fairness to the RCMP, they charged him and put him before the courts so I wouldn't blame them.

    I think old knocknee/bouncebannana's point is to do with British plod anyway.

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  10. Those were two sepatate incidents. The childraping mountie has yet to go to trial. The abusive cop who blinded the old guy was NOT charged by his force. They covered his ass all the way through, even charging the victim of the assauld with a serious crime to cover it up. The Crown eventually charged him. Certainly with a tacit nod and a wink.
  11. This Bounce-B poster comes on, posts and is never seen again in that thread. Does it ever take part in debate or is it just reaction seeking?
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  12. Really? How is it you know all this? More than likely an outside force was brought in to investigate it.

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  13. Probably. He has a wibble, then disappears.

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