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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by MGVE, May 27, 2008.

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  1. bad idea nearly all the poeple who responded me have become rude and all i can say is thanks to about 2 poeple on here the rest of you i dont know why you strated being so nasty towards me asking for help and then defending my self when one guy said i was bad at english which im not
  2. Welcome to the site.

    The only people who can help you are the recruiters in your local ACIO. Ring them up, ask the question and make an appointment to hear the answer. I don't think there is anyone on here who can provide more pertinent information.

  3. If you've still got it after a year, then you should be seeing your GP.

    According to most types of dermatitis are treatable to the extent of non-recurrence, though allergies may be a problem area.

    The Army probably won't let you in WITH dermatitis, because of the risk of infection - it's a dirty business a lot of the time - but probably wouldn't worry too much if you've HAD dermatitis.

    Get it sorted, then reapply.
  4. Its the use of the english language that could be a problem.
  5. check here for the skin disorders information, it may (or may not) help
  6. i saw my gp bout a year ago bu thats teh thing is it dosnt affect me it like its not even there teh only reason i was forced to go to gp was becuase my mum ha dspotted dry skin on my hands it can get infected becuase the skin is fine but my gp never looked at it and just branded me with it and no one ever asked me about it last time i apllied i had one bottle of tablets that i never even finished and it didnt change anything! its just a bit o pale looking skin is it worth me going back to my gp to try and get it re branded as eczma rather that dermititus?
  7. Why do people nowadays not understand they've been turned down for medical reasons but they think they can argue the toss?

    There are medical standards for a good reason.

    Not having a direct pop at the thread starter but this site seems to be used increasingly by failures who demand they are given another shot or think they can overturn the medical establishment purely by posting dribble on the internet.

    Medical turn downs can sometimes be used as a filter to weedle out those that aren't suitable...medically or not. :wink:
  8. id preffer it if you didnt take the piss out of me all i want is some honest answers and i wrote it fast and used more text talk than english but please dont tak ethis piss mate i asked here for advice from people to help me not fo rthem to scrutinise me
  9. ow come on mate i no iv been turned down and i respect that but its all i ever wanted to do im not arguing it im just trying to see if i can get away in its all i want to do in life
  10. You didn't write it, you typed it. You may have used a 'head dobber' and not your fingers though.
  11. This is the interweb.

    Ask the proper people.

    1. Doctor
    2. ACIO

    This place is as reliable as phoning in to 'This Morning' to ask for useful medical advice. You just dont know who is giving you the advice.
  12. TOP's answer is the winner. See your GP, find out exactly what you've got, see if it's permanent or can be treated. If you're given a course of treatment, COMPLETE IT! Don't stop taking the tablets because YOU think it's not working.
  13. thank you for a striaght answer
  14. The answer you could have come up with yourself if you had thought about it for a moment. I am of course assuming that you are capable of independent thought.
  15. I almost didn't respond to your first message because your appalling use of English annoyed me. But I thought I would help. And then you respond like that to another poster! Have you heard the expression "don't bite the hand that feeds you"?

    Do us all a favour and return to school before you try and join the Army (and there is a standard that you are required to meet). Or post your comments in English.