Dont be afraid to serve as Muslims

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by big-timer, Feb 1, 2007.

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  1. Thought this deserved a thread of its own:


    I knew Jabron and met his Brother a couple of times. He's a pro with the media and seems to have struck all the right notes again here.

  2. I did 6 months with Zee in Kosovo. Quality bloke
  3. But I don't want to serve as a Muslim,

    I like being Agnostic.

  4. Join the ARMY your only God is the RSM (or he likes to think so)
    the only Colour is Green

  5. Islamic colour. Something in Common??
  6. hey,
    I'm a journalist looking to speak to any Muslims who are serving their country. I'm writing an upbeat piece about why our heroes shouldn't be under threat.
    Know anyone? I'm on: 07983383455
  7. And you expect people to believe that? I hope this is a wah.
  8. Kate,

    Don't you think some serving muslims may be reluctant to hand out their contact details to a complete stranger this week?
  9. You're not a Sun reporter by any chance are you?
  10. No, Sunday Mirror.
  11. Oh that's ok then. Here's my number...

    07543 4FCUK0FF1
  12. Good luck trying to get someone from this website to contact you then.....
  13. A timely reminder to all that contact with the media is against common sense/regs.
  14. I wonder if the "supposed" journalist has read many of the posts on here?
  15. At least give her credit for being up front.....even if she is f@cked off at the high port