Don't ask/Don't tell!

I live in the States now, but I saw this on an American political message board:

I left the Army some time ago, but gays would have been 'posted elsewhere' if they showed any signs of homosexuality. That was the safest and fairest way of keeping them away from the unit.

They would have been physically discouraged from the unit if they were caught in possession of anything dodgy by the more belligerent soldiers.


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Thanks for that, is this your way of coming out?
Well, Wedge_Cadman, since Homeland Security were very insistant on finding out all the details of my American wife I think I can vouch not.

I just thought the wording used on the American board was interesting.
Reminds me of a scene in the remake of Sergeant Bilko with Steve Martin, a hugely under-rated movie.

In an inspection moment, the Sergeant makes his men move into another troop's billet, to pretend that theirs is kept clean and tidy, unfortunately he chose a female unit's billet to borrow.

As a result an officer opens up a locker and there are bras, panties etc in there. One of Bilko's men looks at the inspecting officer after he is asked to explain their presence and with a very camp voice says 'it is my understanding that I am not required to answer that question Sir!'.

Chuckle worthy flick.

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