'Don't ask, don't tell' gay soldier ban set for repeal

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by scalieback, Dec 18, 2010.

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  1. BBC News - Don't ask, don't tell gay soldier ban set for repeal
  2. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    I guess it can work if they introduce parallel regulations to stop the inevitable few from exploiting their rights and taking the pish. eg:
    No kissing on stag.
    No David Hasselhof posters in your pit space.
    Porn collections must be clearly labelled.
  3. I fully support it, but only if the PX doesn't drastically reduce the current range of male clothing, magazines and accoutrements in order to accommodate said policy.
  4. Something like the "Values and Standards of the British Army"? I would think that the US armed forces will manage to adapt their own equivalent as necessary.
  5. I remember when the ban was removed in the UK, back in 2000 or 2001. Nothing much seemed to happen, despite plenty of armchair spluttering. Suspect the same will hold true for the US. One in the eye for the Tea Party loons!
  6. The tea party does not have a stance on this as its outside of the limited remit of the movement. The Neo-Cons who have hijacked the Tea Party PR agenda are mouthing off. I know its pedantic but its important to attempt to correct the ultra right wing christian fundementalist image the Tea Party has been given in the UK by the 'liberal' media.
  7. No Western country that removed the ban had any problems. From the UK to Canada, Israel, France, my home country of Australia. Only small paperwork amount is required and a few meetings. The US Right has just overreacted with inflated arguments, as if massive effort is required for the US military to adjust somehow.
  8. Homos are gay
  9. It didn't matter a jot when the ban was lifted. After all, most of us knew people who lived the alternative lifestyle - eg the CO that had a live in best friend etc. What I thought was scandalous is the carryings on of the WRAC before it got disbanded - pity that was never properly investigated!
  10. There are gay service people? Who knew!
  11. I hear Katherine Miller (remember her) is reapplying for West Point now that the place meets her standards.

    For those who don't remember her, she was a cadet at West Point who, after 2 years in training, resigned in protest at DADT earlier this year. Her resignation letter pointed out how sorry the Army would be when she was gone.

    Since leaving, she's taken up a lesbians only scholarship at Yale where she is, I kid ye not, studying U.S. lesbian and gay history and sexual gender in society. Oh - and she found time to attend the MTV awards in her West Point uniform as a guest of Lady GaGa.

    So, after depriving a more dedicated applicant of a place and dumping 2 years worth of a 4 year scholarship at West Point, she now wants to dump the scholarship she accepted at Yale during the summer, thus depriving a more dedicated lesbian of an education and return to West Point so that she can "help the military become a stronger institution". No doubt she'll be the president of the "out and proud" society on campus and will be taking legal action if she's not allowed to appear on talk shows and at gay pride events in her uniform.

    I wish I was a fly on the wall when they receive her application.
  12. She withdrew from West Point and has a medal?
  13. Andy_S

    Andy_S LE Book Reviewer

    It's happened:
    http://www.nytimes.com/2010/12/19/us/po ... ml?_r=2&hp

    If the Pentagon is reading, let me be the first to suggest the following five-step plan:
    (1) Immediate destruction of all USMC dress blues, to be replaced with dress baby-blues and pinks, and the Marine Corps Hymn to be replaced with "YMCA";
    (2) US Army Kevlar body armour to be phased out and replaced with studded leather gladiator armour;
    (3) "Magnum, PI," 'taches to be forthwith cultivated among all (male) ranks;
    (4) Advertising of this new policy in Pushtun to raise the morale among our hairy Afghan allies, who are all on the other bus; and
    (5) A Letter of Commendation to our very own JJ, who has been such a staunch supporter of this policy all along. Ideally, this letter should be hand delivered by Ricky Martin, arriving at JJ's digs in a bright pink tank while dressed in macho fashion as a Marine Raider.
  14. I think you will find that the US forces give out medals for passing various bits of basic training, perhaps "JJH" will be able to enlighten us!